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This is the Confidence, Part 2
8 hours ago  -  13 minutes long

When we really desire to receive something, how do we get God to give it to us? With host Hila J. Esters, understand that we already have all things and how God desires for us to experience his blessings.

Tam Talks with Gina Pastore - Part 1
14 hours ago  -  22 minutes long

Gina Pastore is a radio host, inspirational speaker and author of "Picking Up My Shattered Pieces." Listen in as Tammy interviews Gina about how she met her husband, Frank. Learn from this story the insecurities and trials Gina faced as a young newlywed. Know you don't have to talk during a difficult time, sometimes you just need a hug.

Prophetic Prayer: When the Big Bad Wolf Comes to Blow Your House Down
14 hours ago  -  33 minutes long

You often feel an urgency to respond when something occurs. Hear how you can wait on the Lord to put the fire out. Pray first, let Him Guide you. Listen to this prophetic prayer and receive this word on when the big bad wolf comes to blow your house down.

College Student Blessed With Car After 20-Miles Journey on Foot
14 hours ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story that will leave you with a smile. A college student whose car broke down and had to walk 20 miles to work received an abundant miracle from the Lord. And now, he wants to bless others! Tune to hear this story now.

Mike Pence Speaks at Pentecostal University
14 hours ago  -  3 minutes long

Vice President Mike Pence has been helping at-risk Senators and Representatives on the 2018 campaign trail. One of his latest stops will take place at a well-known Pentecostal university. Find out more by listening now.

The Power of Healing with John Polis
15 hours ago  -  25 minutes long

Healing is for everyone. Listen as John Polis discusses the questions everyone asks about healing. He shares stories from his experiences and the miracles seen. Hear how you can grow, practice, and develop your faith to receive healing.

Mother Has Vision of Demons Choking Her Daughter When She Overdosed
1 day ago  -  5 minutes long

This is a story about a young woman who went from church-going, straight-A student to hopeless heroin addict. But at the very moment she began to overdose, God gave her mom a vision. Find out what happened.

UK Christian Festival Provokes Outrage
1 day ago  -  3 minutes long

Franklin Graham is hosting a massive evangelistic outreach event in England from September 21-23. But recent promotions on double-decker buses have mired the whole event in controversy. Find out
why after this break by clicking to listening.

Are You Able?
1 day ago  -  19 minutes long

You want to go to the next level. You have called upon the Lord. Then He asked, "What do you want?" Listen to this devotional study on Matt. 20:28. Hear how to seek God for your desires to find out if you are able, ready to serve.

Prophecy: Momentum
1 day ago  -  18 minutes long

Accelerated acceleration was part of the prophetic promise about which the Lord spoke over 2018. Indeed, many major prophets from the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders (ACPE), on which Jennifer also sit, prophesied an acceleration in 2018. Near the mid-way mark of the year, the word momentum started brewing in Jennifer's spirit. When she quieted her soul and waited upon the Lord, Jennifer heard these words. Click to play.

Listen to the Metamorphosis Prophecy for 2018 at this link:

Sin and Judgment, Part 10
2 days ago  -  59 minutes long

In this teaching series, Pastor Lankford addresses the sins in America and the reality of God's judgment.

How Jezebel Assassinates Prophetic Voices & How to Battle Back
2 days ago  -  72 minutes long

Are you one that is prophetic or a prophet and feels like you have been targeted by an invisible demonic force? Or have been caught in a web of slander, false accusations, barrage of sudden attacks and hits? Or strangled by the grips of Jezebel's witchcraft and control? Or muzzled to speak up and out? Receive insight that will help you break free once and for all. Jennifer is joined by Hakeem and Naim Collins to answer these questions and more.

Exploring the Prophetic with Shawn Bolz (M67)
2 days ago  -  20 minutes long

You have to learn to love well first and work hard to determine what people want. Shawn Bolz is passionate about seeing people and groups learn to be the best versions of themselves. He is an author, TV host, spiritual advisor, minister and more. Listen to this interview with Shawn how to learn to translate God's heart to others.

Filmmaker Darren Wilson Announces New Movie Starring the Holy Spirit
2 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about filmmaker Darren Wilson's new movie, Finger of God 2. The topic? The Holy Spirit. Tune in to hear more about this Spirit-centered film.

Suicide Bomber Kills 128 in Pakistan
2 days ago  -  3 minutes long

The country of Pakistan was rocked by a terrorist attack last weekend that has killed 128 people and left even more wounded. Listen to this story to find out more.

Diane Bickle and Linda talk Shop about Business Pt. 2
2 days ago  -  15 minutes long

Diane Bickle, founder Glad Heart Realty and Linda talk shop. In Part 2,
hear a most unusual client story and what to do when you hit a wall of desperation in your work or business.

Vladimir Putin's Promise From Russian Prophecy
2 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Is the Russian president friend or foe? Host Chuck Chrismier says we need to look no further than Ezekiel to find the answers. You won't want to miss this episode of Viewpoint.

Evangelist Responds to Philippines President's Challenge
3 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Last month, the President of the Philippines made inflammatory and profane remarks about God and said he would resign if someone could prove God existed. Now a Spirit-filled evangelist is responding to his challenge. Find out more when you listen now.

The Biblical Reason Mr. Rogers Changed the World
3 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story a new documentary about the late television star Mr. Rogers and the biblical reason he changed the world with his show. Download to hear more.

Tam Talks Discerning the Voice of God, Part 2
3 days ago  -  16 minutes long

You must slow down and listen for the still small voice of God. Listen in Part 2 of this teaching on Discerning the Voice of God on how to slow down. Ask God to teach you to discern good from evil. Flow the acronym below:

S - Spirit Led

L - Listen for the voice of God

O - Obedience

W - Word of God

Recognize Your Rite of Passage
3 days ago  -  38 minutes long

You are worth everything to the Lord. He wants to teach you how to receive His love. Listen in to this prophetic prayer call to learn more about the Love of the Lord and the word Jennifer gives on how you can recognize your right of passage. Hear and seek now.

Turkey and the Islamic Takeover
3 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Author Joel Richardson has been saying for years to watch Turkey and how it will become a radical Islamic nation. Richardson's prophecies are now coming to pass. Host Chuck Chrismier says this is why we need to keep a sharp eye on that nation and what it will mean for America.

Christian Parents of Boy Rescued From Cave Give All Thanks to God
6 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about the Christian parents of one of the boys who was rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand. These parents are giving God all the glory for their son's miraculous rescue. Tune in to hear more.

Cast and Crew Walk Off Roe v. Wade Movie
6 days ago  -  3 minutes long

The court case Roe v. Wade, which established the legality of abortion, has been a hot-button topic for years and recently made a resurgence with Trump's Supreme Court appointment. But a Christian movie delving into the controversial case has found itself courting controversy of its own. Find out more by listening to this story.

Love Leads to Defeat What Stalls You with Ryan LeStrange (Ep. 85)
6 days ago  -  24 minutes long

What is stalling your destiny, your project, or your team? It is time to start looking closer at the spiritual instead of the physical. Listen as author Ryan LeStrange shares how there is a trio of demonic forces stalling your destiny from his book "Hell's Toxic Trio." Listen and learn how you can defeat these spiritual conspirators.

Tam Talks Discerning the Voice of God, Part 1
6 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Who are the voices in your head? How do you discern which one is the voice of God? Listen to find out as Tammy discusses the:

  • Voice of Satan...
  • Voice of Friends...
  • Voice of Family Members...
  • Your own voice...
  • Messages from the Past...
50 Million Baptists
6 days ago  -  55 minutes long

Tracing America's History with Michael Austin. Listen to learn more.

This is the Confidence, Part 1
7 days ago  -  12 minutes long

Listen as Host Hila J. Esters teaches us how we can know that God hears us when we pray. This is the Confidence gives you the 'how to' in receiving what God has already given you.

A Prophetic Word and Assignment for Seniors and Retirees
7 days ago  -  15 minutes long

You have an opportunity to do something great for the Kingdom of God. Your time is not over. The Lord has more for our Seniors and Retirees. Listen to this prophetic word from Jennifer. Be encouraged to rise up, gather and step into your new assignments.

Defeat the Demonic Conspiracy Stalling Your Destiny with Ryan LeStrange (M66)
7 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Are you burned out? You keep trying to break down walls but they don't fall. There are spiritual forces against you. Author Ryan LeStrange shares the demonic trio who conspires against you from his book "Hell's Toxic Trio." Listen to learn how these three spirits work together to reverse your growth and break your faith. Hear what you can do to preserve in opening the gates of Heaven.

Israel Ranked as Powerful Nation
7 days ago  -  3 minutes long

The Bible tells the story of ancient Israel being saved from one calamity after another by the hand of God. But modern Israel has become a powerful nation of its own, ranking highly on a recent index of most powerful countries. Find out more by listening now.

Church Vandalized With 'Hail Satan' and Other Demonic Symbols
7 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about a church in South Carolina that was recently vandalized in a horrific way. Phrases like "Hail Satan" and other demonic symbols were carved in the church's porch. Tune to listen now.

What's In Your Knower? (Ep. 381)
7 days ago  -  18 minutes long

What do you not know about the things you know? Many times we are missing the spiritual intellect. Listen to this devotion from Galatians 1:15 about Paul's knowledge of the Old Testament. Hear how you can correct your knower to spiritual insight.

You Were Made For This Day 7: Turn on the Light
7 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Do not be held hostage by darkness. Turn on the light. Listen as Carol shares in this study how you are a led by light. Learn to be a soldier of the light from Ephesians 6:10-12. Download now.

Germany Held Captive to Russia
7 days ago  -  55 minutes long

President Trump told Europeans this week that they are selling out to Russia. Host Chuck Chrismier says these actions are setting the stage for the battle of Gog and Magog.

Sin and Judgment, Part 9
8 days ago  -  59 minutes long

In this teaching series, Pastor Lankford addresses the sins in America and the reality of God's judgment.

Don't Let Anything Distract You From God (Ep. 143)
8 days ago  -  10 minutes long

It's easy to get caught up in the things of this world and to allow them to come between you and your Savior. Host Gina R. Prince discusses how you can overcome those hurdles and put the enemy in his place so you can enjoy a continuous, satisfying relationship with Jesus.

Spiraling Out Brings the Enemy In (Ep. 142)
8 days ago  -  10 minutes long

What do you do when something devastating happens in your life? Gina shares about a horrific accident that shook her up to reevaluate her relationship with the Lord. Listen to how important it is to not only speak to God but make time for Him daily. When things spiral out of control evaluate what is distracting you from time with God.

Love Leads with the Power of Vision (Ep. 84)
8 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Vision is God's perspective unfolding in your life. Dr. Cindy Trimm teaches the importance of the power of vision in her new book, "Hello, Tomorrow." Listen as Dr. Trimm offers tools on what you can do to walk out your vision and help others walk out their vision.

You Were Made For This Day 6: Guaranteed to Win
8 days ago  -  13 minutes long

When you fight God's way, you will win every time. Listen as Carol shares what is the right way to fight to win. Learn the disciplines a soldier needs in the Lord's army, fighting from a position of light. Hear this teaching on Ephesians 6:10-12 when you click play.

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