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The First Murder (Ep. 23)
16 hours ago  -  7 minutes long

Cain deflected responsibility and denied his action. What was the Act of God in Cain's situation? Was it a direct action that God took against him for his sin, or was it an act that preserved Cain's life in spite of the sin? If you enjoy this episode, you can download a free chapter from Ideolatry the book at

Wants vs Needs
16 hours ago  -  6 minutes long

Is what you want really what you need? You may not realize the trial you want to pass is a need to take you to your purpose the Father has for you. Listen to this devotion to start asking the Father to give you what you need.

Morris Cerullo's Final Crusade Saves 500
17 hours ago  -  3 minutes long

During this legendary evangelist's final Los Angeles crusade, more than 500 people reportedly accepted the "greatest miracle in all the world." Find out what this miracle was by playing this story now.

Break Shame Off of You with Denise Pass
17 hours ago  -  28 minutes long

What are you ashamed of? Come to the Lord to break all shame off of you. Listen as author Denise Pass tells her personal story of how shame came upon her family through sexual abuse. Know you are not alone in your suffering no matter what it is. Don't let others put shame on you. Hear Denise share how you can find healing based on her new book, "Shame Off You."

Exploring the Prophetic with Tommy Green (Season 2, Ep. 4)
1 day ago  -  34 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Tommy Green. Tommy is known for his role as a lead singer in a Christ-centered Hardcore/Metal band called Sleeping Giant. He is also leading an emerging movement of people who are running against human trafficking. Tune in as Tommy shares a beautiful hard story of a young girl they met through an email, her unbelievable heartbreaking journey through human trafficking, pain and suffering that has launched Tommy into a life mission of helping rescue trafficked children. This beautiful story will touch your heart in so many ways you didn't know possible!

Seek the Will of the Father
1 day ago  -  9 minutes long

Strategize in your prayer and align with the will of the Father. Gina shares what is the first step to take to seek God's will. Listen and learn how not let fear come in, it will close you to what the Father is saying. Trust, hear and believe God's best today.

Spiritual Momentum
1 day ago  -  11 minutes long

If you have a spiritual walk that is full of momentum, then what can stop you? Momentum propels you to finish with excellence. Think about momentum as it relates to your spiritual life based on the teachings of Paul in Philippians. Reach forward to take God with you to work today when you click to listen to this teaching.

New App Encourages Praying for Persecuted Church
1 day ago  -  3 minutes long

Though the United States guarantees freedom of religion, many countries are not so lucky. Christians are oppressed for their faith in 60 countries around the world. But a new app may help. Find out more when you listen to this story now.

Tam Talks Handling the Hard Issues Part 2: Unhealthy Relationships
2 days ago  -  21 minutes long

How do you love? Is it without judgment? Love does not mean there will not be struggles, temptations, or difficulties. Hear how to get down and dirty with God on all your relationships. Let Him know where you struggle. He wants to set you free. In part 2 of this series, Tammy addresses the hard issues of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Listen to receive the right tools to help you in discerning your relationships to not go down the wrong road.

Why Do You Want to Be Married?
2 days ago  -  7 minutes long

Have you asked yourself why you want to be married? Listen as Gina provides the hard questions you need to ask as a single woman. Find out if you have given all areas to the Lord or looking for a man to fulfill your needs. Trust Him. Stop looking for it. Be encouraged with this message today.

Emmy-Winning Actress Honored for Charity
2 days ago  -  3 minutes long

World Vision recently honored actress Patricia Heaton, best known for the TV sitcoms "The Middle" and 'Everybody Loves Raymond," for her humanitarian work. Listen to find out more about Heaton's humanitarian work.

Massive Christian Music Festival Undergoes Big Changes
2 days ago  -  3 minutes long

Rock the Universe is one of the country's most popular Christian music festivals—and it's now the only game in town, after Walt Disney World's Night of Joy ended. But now Rock the Universe is undergoing a massive change. Find out more when you listen to this story.

Come to Me: The Opportunity to Serve
2 days ago  -  14 minutes long

In sickness or health, God will invite you to serve. Listen now, on the Lord is calling, "Come to Me." Host Dr. Steve Greene shares how he was able to serve while in the hospital for the heart. Learn how in the stress of the day, you cannot overlook the opportunity to serve.

Greg Laurie's Church Baptizes Over 500
3 days ago  -  3 minutes long

Greg Laurie believes Christians overly mysticize the idea of revival—and says anyone can do it anytime. To show this, his church baptized 550 people in one day across one beach. Find out more when click to play this story.

Advance Your Leadership Growth with The National Institute of Christian Leadership
3 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Receive practical application to lead in any environment. The National Institute of Christian Leadership (NICL), founded by Dr. Mark Rutland, offers insight to help grow and sustain your organization or ministry. Hear host Stephen Strang share about his experience with the NICL sessions. Learn more about the NICL online courses. Listen today, to improve your leadership skills.

Tam Talks Handling the Hard Issues Part 1: Social Media Junkie
5 days ago  -  17 minutes long

What issues are you dancing around in the church? Tammy addresses in this five-part series the topics the church is not talking about. Listen to part one to find out if you are a social media junkie. Hear biblical truths and how social media robs your joy with a constant comparison of others. Get set free of social media today!

Recognize What Is Not for You
5 days ago  -  14 minutes long

God will train you to love. Listen as Gina shares a personal experience in dating, where God showed what was not for her. She shares how growing more in the Father, knowing your true identity, you will begin to recognize things that are not for you.

Ex-Lesbian Shares Testimony of Radical Freedom
5 days ago  -  5 minutes long

This is a story about an ex-lesbian's testimony of how Jesus set her totally free. But she's not satisfied with her own freedom. She's passionate about helping others get free too! Hear more of M.J. Nixon's story.

Todd White, Daniel Kolenda See Revival in Europe
5 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is an encouraging story about revival in Europe. Top evangelists recently gathered in Hungary and saw more than 1,000 people surrender to Jesus Christ and several more miraculously healed. Listen to learn more.

God Fulfills Exiled Evangelist's Prophetic Vision to Spread Gospel in 10-40 Window
6 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Liu Zhenying, better known as Brother Yun, is driven by one goal: fulfill the vision God gave him at 16 years old to preach the gospel. And God is fulfilling that prophetic word. Listen as Brother Yun shares his passion for the gospel and issues an urgent prayer alert for the church in China.

Have You Forgiven Yourself? (Ep. 22)
6 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Jesus forgives you. He told Peter to forgive someone who sinned against him 490 times in a day! Jesus told Peter that the Kingdom of Heaven is one of continual forgiveness. However, it is not an easy thing to overcome the layers of guilt you heap upon yourself because of your actions. In this episode, Dr. Rich Masek discusses why we should forgive ourselves and embrace God's love. For a free chapter from Dr. Masek's book, Ideolatry, visit

Man Shares Hope of Jesus in Evacuation Zone Ahead of Hurricane Florence
7 days ago  -  3 minutes long

This is a story about a man who refuses to let Hurricane Florence scare him. Instead, he's determined to share and hope of Christ in the hurricane's evacuation zone. Listen to hear more.

Dr. Claudio Freidzon Challenges You to Reach One Person for Christ
8 days ago  -  8 minutes long

When Dr. Claudio Freidzon speaks around the world, he challenges everyone to reach one person in their home or neighborhood for Christ. Take the challenge after listening to this interview with Dr. Freidzon. Hear how the Holy Spirit is waiting for you to build a relationship with Him and how you should pray for revival. Dr. Freidzon is pastor of the church Rey de Reyes, a congregation of more than 20,000 members in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The Beginning of the End
8 days ago  -  55 minutes long

To mark the beginning of the Jewish New Year, host Chuck Chrismier explores why, with God, repentance is required for mercy. You can find it in Psalm 103.

Exploring the Prophetic with Apostle Guillermo Maldonado (Season 2, Ep. 3)
8 days ago  -  34 minutes long

In this episode, Shawn Bolz interviews Apostle Guillermo Maldonado. Hear from a man who is activating others in miracles, signs and wonders! Apostle Guillermo pastors King Jesus International Ministries, one of the fastest growing multicultural churches in America and in the international community. He is an author, having written over 50 books with a new book being released soon called "Breakthrough Prayer." Tune in as Shawn and Apostle Guillermo discuss the inspiration he received to write his new book, his amazing breakthrough stories that were a result of prayer and how his revelation of prayer was birthed through a deep relationship with God. You will have to spend time with God after you hear this chat!

Ex-Muslim Arrested for Sharing Testimony at Mall of America
8 days ago  -  5 minutes long

This is a story about an ex-Muslim who was arrested for sharing his testimony at the Mall of America. Listen to find out what happened next.

What is the Christian's Supreme Court?
8 days ago  -  55 minutes long

If the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, what is the purpose of the Supreme Court? Host Chuck Chrismier takes a look at this intriguing, yet difficult-to-answer question in this episode you won't want to miss.

Tam Talks with Rachelle Francey Part 2
9 days ago  -  16 minutes long

In part two of this interview with Rachelle Francey, She shares the story of how Rachelle started La Petite magazine 8 years ago. When you hear this message, you will be empowered to follow your heart and what God is calling you to do.

Youth Pastor Shot By Cop in Own Home
9 days ago  -  3 minutes long

A peaceful African-American youth pastor was shot to death in his own home after a misunderstanding with a police officer led to the officer shooting him.

Rabbis Say This Rare Heifer Could Be Next Step in Building Third Temple
9 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about a rare all-red heifer that was recently born in Israel. That may not sound very exciting to you, but to several rabbis, it represents the next step in building the Third Temple.

Kingstone Media Brings God's Word to Children Through Comic Books
9 days ago  -  11 minutes long

As a children's pastor, Art Ayris had a passion for children to become engaged in the Bible. When God laid it upon his heart to get involved in media, something extraordinary was born. Hear Ayris' story in this episode and how biblical storytelling in comic books is successfully teaching children God's Word.

Absorb the Now You Are In
12 days ago  -  5 minutes long

What are you hoping for now? Stand in the substance of faith for the now. Hear this devotional message on Hebrews 11:1. Don't give up on the things you are hoping for.

Anne Graham Lotz Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
12 days ago  -  4 minutes long

This is a story about Anne Graham Lotz's recent shocking announcement. Billy Graham's second-oldest daughter recently told her social media followers that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. But she also shares the prophetic significance of this news. Listen to find out what it is.

Revival Breaks Out Near Cane Ridge
12 days ago  -  3 minutes long

In August 1801, revival broke out for a week during a large camp meeting in Cane Ridge, Kentucky. The Cane Ridge Revival, as it's known today, is considered the most famous camp meeting of the Second Great Awakening. Now a new revival is breaking out just a few miles from the original Cane Ridge site. Listen to hear more.

Inherit the Characteristics of God Through Worship Part 3
12 days ago  -  12 minutes long

What do you need to do to move forward to make the difference in someone's life? Seek the Lord's presence for Him to lead you in the right direction. Listen to this final episode for Inherit the Characteristics of God Through Worship series. Worship who the Lord is today.

Have the Courts Created Fatherlessness?
13 days ago  -  55 minutes long

The vast majority of custody awards since the divorce boom have been to women. But why? Host Chuck Chrismier explores this intriguing subject on this episode of Viewpoint. Don't miss it.

John Kilpatrick: The Church Must Awake From Witchcraft's Spell and Pray
13 days ago  -  17 minutes long

On Aug. 19, Pastor John Kilpatrick prophesied during a morning service the spirit of Jezebel is set to rise against President Donald Trump. Without any help from Kilpatrick or his media team, the video message went viral. Over a million people have seen it. Listen to the interview with Pastor Kilpatrick as to why people are watching this extraordinary message and how it ends with a powerful time of prayer with many praying in tongues over their nation.

Tam Talks with Rachelle Francey Part 1
13 days ago  -  17 minutes long

Rachelle Francey is a blogger and started La Petite magazine 8 years ago. Now Rachelle and her husband Mark have started Oceans Church in Southern California. Listen to Rachelle's story to be encouraged to reach out and create a community for others.

Intercede for Others
13 days ago  -  4 minutes long

Stand in the gap for the ones who may not be able to pray for themselves or do not know how to pray. Hear how you can be the vessel to interceded for them.

Australia Elects Pentecostal Prime Minister
13 days ago  -  3 minutes long

Last week, Australians elected a new Prime Minister and he's a tongue-talking Pentecostal. Listen to find out who he is.

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