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Did you know unicorns appear in the Bible? Or that your personality type could say something about your relationship with God? On C-POP, Taylor and Jessilyn discuss, debate and sometimes deride pop culture with a strong sense of humor and a focus on Christ.

Reading With Family or Friends

1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Do you read the same books or exchange books with family and friends? Maybe you are part of a book club. Either way, enjoy hearing how you can exchange books with others and what lessons you can learn. After listening you will expand your brain knowledge or want to become a cheerleader.

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How Millennials are Retiring Early
11 months ago  -  18 minutes long

There is a new development of people retiring young. Hear how as our hosts share this new trend, their Google findings, and all centers on saving percentages. Will you fit into this group of retiring young?

What's On Your Summer Reading List?
11 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Hit the books this summer while vacating or relaxing at home. Listen as our loveable hosts share their summer reading list. Hear if there are titles you may want to add to your list or already reading. Will it be romance or sci-fi?

Why Fidget Spinners?
11 months ago  -  14 minutes long

What is a fidget spinner? Why are they a big deal and becoming a popular craze? C-Pop investigates this phenomenon for you. Listen now to see if you want to buy one.

Wonder Woman
11 months ago  -  17 minutes long

The movie of all blockbuster movies is about a woman and not just any woman it's the beloved Wonder Woman. Hear what you can expect when you see this block bluster or if you should not see it. Warning there are spoilers at the end. Listen now.

Hallmark June Wedding Season of Movies
11 months ago  -  19 minutes long

What is host Jessilyn all excited about? June Hallmark movie season. Yes, listen as Jessilyn tests Taylors knowledge of Hallmark's plots for this wedding season. Will Taylor be predicting Jessilyn's future love that will be made into a Hallmark movie?

The Summer Movie Challenge Quiz
11 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Is this really what is coming this summer on the big screen? Find out if you can tell a fake from the real movie plot as host Taylor opens up his vain imagination to change Jessilyn on up and coming features. Can you beat Jessilyn's score or the new intern?

Reaching to Soldiers with PTSD
11 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Support our veterans. Hear how the organization REBOOT Combat Recovery is reaching veterans to help them heal the wounds of war and from PTSD. Executive Director Evan Owens shares what vets go through and how there is hope.

Season Finales of TV Shows
11 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Have you ever been satisfied or dissatisfied how a show ends for the season? Our favorite two hosts are in rare form as they debate what type of format they like and don't like in a season finale. Listen to find out if you agree and then get an update from the fruits of Speed Dating.

The Accidental Author Robin Jones Gunn
11 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Best-selling author, Robin Jones Gunn joins the fun on C-Pop to share about her new book in the Christy Miller series and more. Hear what your favorite characters Christy and Todd are up to, how the book "Finding Father Christmas" will be a Hallmark movie and girl talk on finding your husband.

New and Popular Workout Trends
11 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Have you tried the latest workout crazes? If not, listen as C-Pop host Jessilyn tries to break it down for Taylor. After listening you may want to try a circus or aerial workout class or not.

It's All About Baby Groot and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Who is your favorite Galaxy character? Our host Jessilyn shares her favorite, while Taylor gives fans a rundown review of the movie. Note there are spoiler alerts for people who haven't seen it. The big debate, the growth of Baby Groot.

How to Be a Hepburn in a Kardashian World with Jordan Christy
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Which one are you striving to be connected with? An Audrey Hepburn or a Kardashian? Listen as author Jordan Christy guides young ladies on how to have poise and grace despite the headline-grabbing antics of flashy celebutantes.

TV Show Revivals
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

What are your thoughts on televisions shows revived based on the success of the originals? Listen to join the debate with host Taylor and guest host Missy. Hear what shows they regret bingeing on and the ones who made the cut.

Oxford Dictionary Challenge Game Round 5
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

How smart are you? Listen and take the C-Pop Oxford Dictionary Challenge. Hear if you know the meaning to skitch or if you consider yourself a glamma (glam-ma). Challenge the brain now.

The Epic 200th Episode
1 year ago  -  34 minutes long

You are invited to celebrate with C-Pop our 200th episode! Listen in to join the self-congratulatory fun as we share our top 10 favorite episodes from the last 100 shows, fun facts you didn't know and more.

The One Before the 200th
1 year ago  -  34 minutes long

It's the episode celebrating the weirdness of C-Pop. Listen as we approach our 200th episode to Taylor quizzing Jessilyn on who said what in our last 100 shows. Hear now to join us in celebrating.

Mission Possible
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Have you ever wanted to travel? Then you may be called to missions overseas. Special guest Megan visits the C-Pop studio to share her experiences in missions work in the Middle East. Best of all, she shares college memories of our host Jessilyn.

What I Was Not Allowed To Watch as a Child
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

What TV shows, movies, and music did your parents not allow you to indulge in? Listen as guest host Marti joins our team to explain the parents perspective as Jessilyn and Taylor share their list of childhood shows along with a list from our listeners. Hear how we've all grown up.

Speed Dating - The Experience
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Have you ever been on 9 dates, 6 minutes each, in one night? If you have, then you are a speed dater. Listen as our host Jessilyn shares her experience in speed dating, what you can expect and the unexpected suave endings. Will out host Taylor be next to try it? Hear now.

Speed Dating - The Prequel
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Did you know that there is Christian Speed Dating? Listen to hear more as our host Jessilyn braces to brace this aspect of dating. What will her night consist of? Will she survive? Hear how she is prepping for the big night now.

Beautiful Action Movies with Insane Plots
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

Kong, Fast and Furious, Netflix and more are consumed by many, even our own hosts, Jessilyn and Taylor, are not immune. Hear about their recent movies and shows they binge-watched during the Easter break. They answer why people are drawn to another Fast and Furious movie, or not.

How Do You Make and Keep Friends as an Adult?
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Friends come and go in your life, but is it due to the non-efforts you made? Or are you shy and it's hard to make friends? Don't miss out on our CPop tips and strategies in making and keeping friends. Time and communication are of the essence.

1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

In 2016 it was #VikingEaster. Now, in 2017, it's all about being a hipster. Listen as Jessilyn shares her misadventures on Easter Sunday visiting a hipster church. Be entertained, surprised at the cost of coffee, and learn from a whole different church culture.

The Case for Christ with Brian Bird
1 year ago  -  32 minutes long

How did this book become a movie? Listen as screenwriter and co-producer of "The Case for Christ," Brian Bird, joins C-Pop to share the inspiration behind this faith-based film. Hear what critics and people are saying.

The Thief on the Cross with Stephen Baldwin
1 year ago  -  30 minutes long

Find out what God is doing with faith-based projects in Hollywood as Stephen Baldwin joins our Jessilyn by phone. Hear what he has to say about his project: "Heaven, How I Got Here: A Night With the Theif on the Cross."

Christian Dating Apps
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

Have you ever wondered if dating apps work, specifically Christian focused ones? Don't risk your life to try because our hosts did it for you. Hear about their Christian dating app experiences. There is a surprise on which dating app may be the best.

Is Live Action Film Remakes the Death of Classic Animated Films?
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Recently Disney is making its beloved animated films into live action. Is this trend going to end animated films or are they running out of ideas and creativity? Listen as our two hosts debate the issue. Listen to find out if you agree.

Find Joy In the Little Things
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

What brings you joy? Listen to find out as our hosts share how they find joy along with listener input, all the while bringing happiness, encouragement, and laughter to your ears. Or choose to be grumpy and still have fun.

Why Movie Franchises?
1 year ago  -  34 minutes long

Have you looked at the latest movie trailers for this summer? Look no further and listen instead to find out what's hot this summer and dive into the deeper philosophical meanings of "Why do they make so many sequels to franchises?"

Groomsmen vs. Bridesmaids
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Who has the most work or responsibilities in a wedding? Find out the differences in this installment of wedding episodes on C-Pop. Our host breakdown what is the proper etiquette and debate how many wedding showers one should have.

The Sabbath
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

What do you do for your day of rest? Listen to what our C-Pop host do to not only rest but spend time focusing on God.

Prank Wars
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

To prank or not to prank? This is a question that is asked among many friends. Hear how our two hosts like to bring fun and joy into the office by pranking each other and listen to when pranks go too far.

Beauty and Beast: Yes or No?
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

Our host Jessilyn actually saw a movie and went to Beauty and the Beast. Listen as she shares her personal review and discusses the controversy surrounding the movie. Will it be a yes to go or no?

Award Show Roundup
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Have you missed out on this year's award season? No need to worry, our C-Pop hosts have you covered from Movieguide Awards, Grammys, Oscars and more. Listen to find out what you missed now.

Movie Review of Logan
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

X-Men and Wolverine fans listen here before seeing the movie 'Logan.' Our host Taylor gives you a run down of the movie and debates if the storyline brings redemption. Hear now to find out if you agree or just to hear Jessilyn talk about who is her favorite X-Men.

Steven Curtis Chapman Talks Life, Career and Faith
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Have you found yourself between God and the world? Listen as Christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman shares from his new book, 'Between Heaven and the Real World.' Be encouraged today.

Popular Weight Loss Television Shows
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

What is new and popular in weight loss television? Listen as host Jessilyn shares the shows she is binge watching. Find out if your favorites are on the list or if there are any new ones you always wondered about but never watched.

Winter Jam
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

If you never went to Winter Jam, then were you ever in youth group? Find out what Winter Jam is so you don't miss out on this Christian music fest.

Crazy Christian Pop Culture Quiz with Torry Martin
1 year ago  -  29 minutes long

Do you know the difference if a title is a Christian book, movie, album, or made up? Join guest host and comedian Torry Martin, who braves the studio to challenge Taylor to the quiz. Listen for a good belly laugh and find out who knows all.

Springing Into Love with Hallmark Movies
1 year ago  -  30 minutes long

New movies through winter and the month of love can fill your weekends by watching TV. Listen as Jessilyn quizzes our Taylor on his romance knowledge of the recent releases by Hallmark. You don't want to miss out!

Time Travel
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Time travel the C-Pop way. Listen as our hosts discuss if time travel will ever happen, the influence of pop culture, and where would you go. You will be laughing at the rational of this concept and Jessilyn's added sound effects.

Rumbles In the Tummy Food Trends
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Want to know what is popular in food now. Hear Jessilyn teach Taylor healthy food trends and octopus flavored dishes. After listening you will have rumbles in your tummy to try new things or be grossed out. Enjoy your food.

Valentines Day - To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Who is really Valentines Day for? Greeting cards and chocolate companies? Laugh as you listen to Taylor and Jessilyn take opposing sides on what Valentines means. Guess who celebrates the meaning of love for all and who boycotts this holiday unless they are in a relationship.

The College Experience: Christian vs Non-Christian
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Looking for a college or helping you child fill out college applications? Find out the pros and cons of going to a Christian or non-Christian college. Listen as our hosts help by sharing their personal experiences.

Misadventures In Flirting
1 year ago  -  27 minutes long

Have you ever wondered if someone is flirting with you? You're not alone. Listen as Taylor and Jessilyn share their stories on how bad they are at flirting. You will laugh. learn and scratch your head as the mystery of flirting is still not solved.

Superbowl Freak Out
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Why freak out about The Superbowl? Listen to our host debate the popularity of the sport, the commercials and more. Whether you like the Superbowl or not, you will be entertained by Jessilyn asking Taylor the questions no one asks.

2017 Oscars Review
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

It's the greatest time of the year, for our host Taylor. Listen as Taylor and Jessilyn discuss the nominees and that there is something for everyone. Even if you didn't see any of the movies, Jessilyn included, you will want to catch up on this pop culture news.

Silence: The Movie
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

What can happen when two missionaries travel to Japan in 17th Century Japan looking for their missing mentor? Listen to find out as Taylor gives a review of the movie, what to expect and how this Martin Scorsese film opens up the discussion of faith.

Let's Play the Winter Movie Game
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Are you an avid movie goer? Listen and play along as Taylor test Jessilyn to figure out if the descriptions of real Winter movie titles are true or false.

Must Have Nonfiction Christian Authors
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Who are your favorite nonfiction Christian authors? Is it C.S. Lewis? Listen to find if your favorite made the list. If not, you may want to check out the ones that impacted Taylor and Jessilyn in their faith.

When a TV Show Deserves to Be Cancelled
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

What shows would you like to see cancelled or have overstayed their welcome? Listen as our hosts share what they think are the reasons a show should be cancelled, when a show should be cancelled, warning signs, and why they go beyond their time.

What's On Your Phone?
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn return to the studio to discuss mobile games, apps, and why our society is obsessed with always being busy.

Guys vs. Girls New Year Resolutions (Pt. 2)
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

New year, new you? Not so fast. Girls school the boys in this New Years' Resolutions spin-off as they describe the women they want to be.

"La La Land" & Other Winter Films
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Jessilyn finally weighs in with her (very different) take on Rogue One, while Taylor gives his full review of two of this year's biggest award contenders.

Holiday R&R
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Recovering from the holiday season or are you still celebrating? Enjoy this episode as our witty hosts catch up on their misadventures of what they did over Christmas and New Years. Laughter will get you over any holiday blues about going back to work.

Guys vs. Girls New Year Resolutions (Pt. 1)
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Who has better new year resolutions? Do the guys or the girls? Find out on this C-POP as host Taylor and Chip share their goals for the new year. See if their resolutions can top the girls!

What Did You Watch on Netflix This Year?
1 year ago  -  31 minutes long

What are the best original Netflix shows created? Find out what Taylor and guest host Jenny-Rose have to say and what their favorite show is!

Rogue One: Great or Hate?
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Many love or detest the latest Star Wars story, but few are indifferent. Taylor and Jenny Rose hash out the pros and cons of Rogue One and how it ranks with other Stars Wars films. But watch out for spoilers!

Metalhead Mattie Montgomery Is About to Blow Your Mind
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

He doesn't look like your average evangelist, but the former For Today frontman will open your eyes to things of the Spirit you've never heard before.

The Golden Globes
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Do you agree with this years Golden Globe nominations? Find out what Jessilyn and Taylor have to say after they announced this years nominations. Who would you choose?

These Christmas Lights with Matt Redman (12 of The 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Written in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and Israel, the album presents 11 new songs reminding listeners that "the glory of Christmas is the glory of Christ." Find out what inspired Matt to write these Christmas songs and what he hopes his listeners will take from them. Merry Christmas!

White Elephant vs Secret Santa (11 of The 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

The most important question of the Christmas season is answered. Listen to find out if you agree which one is the best. If you don't know what White Elephant is, don't worry we have you covered. Which one is your Christmas tradition?

Grinch Vs Santa: What's Your Christmas Ranking? (10 of 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

How big of a fan of Christmas are you? Take Taylor's quiz about crazy true Christmas facts and see if you can beat Jessilyn's score!

How to Make a Great Church Christmas Play (Day 9 of the 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Taylor's dad was in every church Christmas play going up, so Taylor dishes on what makes a great Christmas production.

Christmas on a Budget (Day 8 of the 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Jessilyn and Taylor offer cheap, practical ways you can decorate your home and buy gifts for friends without busting your budget.

The Best, Worst and In-Between Gifts (Day 7 of the 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

It's the best of times, it can be the worst of times, or somewhere between when you open your Christmas gifts. Listen, laugh and be reassured your not the only family that can enjoy or disagree when it comes to gift giving.

Ring-ing in the Season With Hallmark - (Episode 6 of 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Ah, Christmas romance is in the air as Jessilyn quizzes all about the latest and greatest Hallmark has to offer for the holiday season. No plot is off the table as Taylor takes a leap of faith--or love--with his fresh ideas.

Christmas Trees - (Episode 5 of 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

What tree will you be putting up this year? A Fake one or real one? Find out what kind of tree Jessilyn and guest host Kristin are putting up this year! Also there will be ornaments. What are some of your favorites?

Elf On A Shelf - (Episode 4 of 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Do you know who Elf on the Shelf is? Are you tired of seeing people's post of this elf? Join as Jessilyn explains what this elf is and how it has become a popular activity at Christmas. Whether you like Elf on the Shelf or not, our CPop host just might give you new ideas for Instagram posts.

Debatable Christmas Movies (Episode 3 of The 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Would you consider the movies on this list a Christmas movie? Listen as our hosts debate if movies such as The Holiday and Die Hard may be considered a Christmas movie. You will be surprised what other movies made the list from our social media queries.

What Makes the Best Christmas Album? (Episode 2 of The 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

It's the most wonderful time of the year for Christmas music. You are invited to join the conversation on what makes the best Christmas album or song. Will you lean more traditionalist or non-traditionalist? Either way, have fun hearing our host debate the issue with their own lists in this second show of 12 Shows of Christmas.

Do's & Don'ts of Christmas Cards (Episode 1 of The 12 Shows of Christmas)
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Join the fun, laughter, teasing and check your naughty-nice list in our new series, The 12 Shows of Christmas. This episodes goes deep into Christmas Card do's and don'ts. Before you write a single card this year, find out just how extreme you can go.

The Price Is Right: Black Friday Edition
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn welcome special co-host Brian for a Black Friday-themed game. Can you beat our hosts at guessing the price of crazy Black Friday deals?

Unconventional Gratitudes
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Everyone is thankful for friends, family, Jesus... but that's so cliché. Taylor and Jessilyn bring up some weird things they are thankful for this Thanksgiving.

The Oxford Challenge: Round Four
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

Taylor challenges Jessilyn--and the listeners--to guess the definitions and new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year. Can you guess what these words mean?

It's A Football life
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

Why spend 3 hours plus watching football? Hear why as Taylor and guest host, Chip, explain to Jessilyn the meaning of life, which is American Football. Whether you love the sport or not, enjoy listening to our panel discuss the appeal of living the football life with questions on the game, terminology, fandom, and more.

Non-Traditional Allergen Free Thanksgiving
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Jessilyn's recent trip to the doctor has her in a state of panic about what to eat for Thanksgiving! Listen in as Taylor and Jessilyn debate common Thanksgiving foods, while Jessilyn explains how to survive the holiday season on a restrictive diet.

Food Trends for 2017
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

What are the up and coming food trends for 2017? Listen to be prepared as Jessilyn reveals her research on where to buy groceries, apps for home cooking, drone delivery, veggies as the new meat, fancy fried chicken, freak shakes, and other ridiculous or awesome new trends to try.

How One Ministry Is Making a Difference in Veteran's Lives
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

This Veteran's Day, Taylor and Jessilyn talk with Dan Wallrath, the founder of Operation Finally Home. Dan's got a great ministry that helps veterans across the county every day. Learn a few ways you can support our veterans at home.

How to Take Your Game Night to the Next Level
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Resident nerd Taylor introduces Jessilyn to the world of strategy board games. Jessilyn tries to guess how these games work, while Taylor outlines five fun, easy-to-learn games you've probably never heard of.

How Early is "Too Early" To Celebrate Christmas?
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

C-pop guest, Kristin, says people should start celebrating Christmas as soon as Halloween is done. Taylor thinks you should wait until at least after Thanksgiving. Who's right? Listen to their seasonal debate and find out.

How Do You Write For Adventures In Odyssey? (Part 2)
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

Writer and comedian Torry Martin explains to Taylor and Jessilyn why he doesn't write cheesy Christian films, how he got his start as an Adventures in Odyssey writer, and what it was like working with Christina Grimmie.

Torry Martin's Life Story (Pt. 1)
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Hear Torry Martin's testimony and what inspired him to pursue a career in comedy and film on this exclusive interview on CPOP. Stay tuned for Part 2 and hear all of the projects he is working on!

Most Talked About Character Deaths (130)
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

The Panda Ball of Awesomeness joins our hosts as Jessilyn and Taylor discuss what character deaths that have stuck with them from television shows. Find out if you agree by listening now.

Holiday Movies: Coming Soon
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

What movies are you looking forward to these holidays? Listen to this episode and find out what Taylor and Jessilyns favorite holiday movies are. Do you agree? Also Taylor asks Jessilyn if the movie title he says is real or not. Find out how she did!

Concerts (129)
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

What concerts have you attended lately? Hear what Jessilyn's been up to and how she almost cried at one and why. You will not want to miss this episode from our two favorite entertaining hosts.

Which Superhero Are You?
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Which superhero best describes you? Find out on this episode which superheroes best fit Taylor and Jessilyn and why. Do you agree?

CPop Befriends David Crowder
1 year ago  -  37 minutes long

The man, the myth, the legend behind 'American Prodigal' stops by to sass Jessilyn and joke with Taylor in what might be the most memorable interview yet.

"I'm Not Ashamed"'s Masey McLain
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Southern darling Masey (that's MACE-Y) joins Taylor and Jessilyn to talk about her upcoming role, puppies and possums.

Taylor's Movie Review of Hacksaw Ridge
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

On today's episode Taylor shares his review on Hacksaw Ridge and he is pretty excited about it. Find out how many Jesus fish this movie received.

Drumming with Jason Jamison
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Love music? Get excited to hear the stories behind the songs on the new album Followers from Tenth Avenue North. Drummer Jason Jamison joins Taylor to not only to share about the album but plays Taylor's 20 questions. You will want to get your copy of Followers today.

Are You Smarter Than a College Student?
1 year ago  -  36 minutes long

As Christians do we have a responsibility to know more about other countries? This episode Jessilyn and Producer Chip see if they are smarter than a college student. Find out how they did and see if you can pass the test!

Surviving Hurricane Matthew
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

What do you do when you are faced with a category 4 hurricane approaching? Listen to hear our C-Pop panel share stories on their survival skills and updates on what's happened after the storm. Join us as we keep the recovery workers and hurricane victims in prayer.

1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Jessilyn and Taylor discuss the viral social media trend, why it's catching on, and pick three fictional characters that describe themselves.

When Good Service Goes Wrong
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn share stories of when they tried to serve the Lord by serving others... and shenanigans ensued.

CPop Befriends Britt Nicole
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

With her self-titled album on the way, artist Britt Nicole talks everything from coffee to unicorn leggings to breaking chains with her music.

How's Your Soul? with Judah Smith
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

An odd question to ask someone. But how is the real you on the inside? Author and Pastor Judah Smith explains the inspiration of his new book "How's your soul?" Learn how you can be open with others, so that you can start growing authentic genuine relationships.

Everything Is Possible with Jen Bricker
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Born without legs does not stop Jen Bricker from turning life's challenges upside down. This power tumbler shares her story from her book "Everything Is Possible." Be encouraged to find joy and go beyond your wildest imaginations.

Fall TV is Coming!
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Find out which shows Jessilyn and Taylor are looking forward to this fall, as well as new shows that are coming out. Do you agree with their choices?

Jessilyn, Taylor and the Wardrobe
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Does Jesus really care about what you wear to church? Where does fashion fit into theology? C-Pop discusses in what could be your new favorite episode.

How God Works Through Autism
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long
"Facebook pastor" Tahni Cullen shares the joys and struggles of parenting a child with regressive autism. His story will surprise and inspire you.
Priceless with Luke Smallbone
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Find out in this interview with Luke Smallbone how the movie, book and song "Priceless" rose to fame. Luke also shares a special message to those who dont feel worhty.

Jessilyn's Birthday Coffee Talk
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

It's Jessilyn's birthday today! Let's talk coffee, her favorite subject in the world. Listen as Jessilyn discusses coffee, the types of coffee, different ways to make coffee, tools to use, and how you can be a know-it-all of the terminology.

Official Rules of Texting
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Jessilyn and Taylor lay out their very different texting philosophies in this banter-packed episode.

Celebrate Good Times
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

Jessilyn's getting ready to embrace her 26th year and is ready to throw the best parties. Taylor, however, has some different ideas on an ideal event.

New Social Media Research!
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Find out what this new research proves about feeling leftout when using social media. This study was done in partnership with Proverbs 31 ministries.

Jessilyn's Road Trip Rules
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

Find out what Jessilyn's rules are when she goes on road trips. Do you agree with them?

Time to add that Pumpkin Spice to your life!
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Jessilyn and Taylor (OK, well mostly Jessilyn) are ready for fall and all things pumpkin. But should that hallowed spice go with just any food?

Movies Most Likely to Win Jesus Fish
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn invent an Oscar category and look at five probable Oscar contenders this year that have something to say about faith.

Present Over Perfect with Shauna Niequist
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

As a believer, you may be harming yourself by choosing to "do" over to "be." Taylor and Jessilyn sit down with best-selling author Shauna Niequist to talk the obvious: It's better to be present than perfect.

Hillsong United: Let Hope Rise
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

What started out as a basic concert documentary turned into so much more once the Holy Spirit got involved. Hear Jessilyn and Taylor discuss this powerful film.

The Oxford Challenge: Round Three
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Taylor challenges Jessilyn--and the listeners--to guess the definitions of 13 strange new words added to the Oxford English Dictionary this year. How many can you guess?

Let's Talk Movie Trailers
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn discuss when movie trailers have made them want to see--or not see--a movie. Learn which trailer reduced Jessilyn to a sobbing mess at 2am and more!

The 100th Episode is HERE!
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn celebrate their 100th episode by counting down their favorite episodes of C-Pop. Did yours make the list?

Can You Guess Who Said It?
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

In this prelude to the big 100th episode, Taylor quizzes Jessilyn to find out who said the most ridiculous quotes in C-Pop history.

To Floss or Not to Floss (98)
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

The research on flossing is changing in favor of the ones who forget to floss. Listen as Taylor and Jessilyn debate research findings that will change the way people floss. Who will you agree with?

The Dream of Lisa Frank Clothes Comes True (97)
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Popular Lisa Frank artwork from 90's school supplies is now a clothing line. Listen, laugh and relive as Taylor and Jessilyn discuss the impact of Lisa Frank made on their childhoods and why a one would buy a pair of unicorn leggings.

Defending the Faith With Phil Stacey (96)
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

The American Idol alum (and fellow Lee University grad) talks with Taylor and Jessilyn about why you need to know what you believe.

Listening to Relient K's "Air for Free" (95)
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Taylor and Jessilyn dig into the Christian band's newest album and talks about their favorite songs.

...But is That A Christian Band? (94)
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

How do you know a band is a Charistian band? Listen to Jessilyn and Taylor as they discuss the requirements it takes to be a Christian band, as well rate a few of their favorites.

Interview with CEO of 117 Jason Davis (93)
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

Can the entertainment industry be a ministry? Find out how Jason Davis is bringing acotrs and actresses to Christ through his business.

How should Christians repond to chaos and tragedies? (92)
1 year ago  -  11 minutes long

Find out how we as Christians can stand up and be unified, especially during these times of chaos. Be inspired by Pastor Sammy Rodriguez as he gives us steps to reach those who are lost and grow our community.

Wedding Do's and Don'ts (91)
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

What do you do after your engaged? The studio has been invaded by Taylor's little sister, Kasey, who shares all about her engagement giving advice on wedding planning.

Uninvited with Lysa TerKeurst (90)
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Proverb, 31's Lysa TerKeurst doles out wisdom for when you feel alone, uninvited and rejected.

When Terror Hits Close to Home (89)
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

Due to the recent terror attacks in Orlando and around the world, journalist Michael Lambert joins Jessilyn and Taylor as they discuss how each were affected by the Orlando Pulse shooting. Hear each side of the story and how Christians can reach out to the hurting.

What To Watch For In This Years Olympics (88)
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

What will you be watching during this years Olympics? Find out Jessylin and Taylors answer on this episode.

Pokémon Go (87)
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Pokémon are back and have invaded social media with the new app Pokémon Go. Find out why this app is so popular and how you might find a Pokémon in local surroundings.

Taylor 101 (86)
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

What kind of guy is Taylor? Listen as Jessylin quizzes Taylor on his life. Don't miss the interesting facts that Taylor has never talked about.

Is Adnan Syed's Retrial Due to Serial Podcast? (85)
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Once the subject of the popular podcast Serial, Adnan Syed gets a retrial. Is it due to the Serial podcast? Listen as Jessilyn and guest host Kristin debate the topic.

Jessilyn 101 (84)
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

What kind of girl is Jessilyn? Listen as our favorite intern, Chip, quizzes Jessilyn on her life. Don't miss what happens due to Taylor's escaping on a business adventure.

Bible Story Musicals (83)
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

What if you favorite Bible story became a musical? Then duck down because Nerf darts are flying as you listen to find out if your story made Jessilyn's and Taylor's list of possibilities.

The League and The Lantern (82)
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

What would happen if a government investigation group invaded your middle school sleep over? Find out with Bryan Wells new book "The League and The Lantern." Listen then go read the book.

Mission Baja (81)
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

What happens on a mission trip? The infamous Chip The Intern shares his story when he ventured to Baja, Mexico. Get ready for Jessilyn's Q & A.

Remembering Christina Grimmie (80)
1 year ago  -  7 minutes long

In this special episode, we remember and honor the legacy of faith music artist and The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie leaves behind after her tragic death.

The Jungle Book (79)
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Have you seen the retelling of this beloved animated film? Sit back, listen, and laugh as our hosts Jessilyn and Taylor break down what they liked and disliked about the movie.

What to Expect At The Voice Auditions (78)
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Have you ever wanted to audition for a singing competition? Our very own Kristin tried out recently for The Voice. Listen as she shares what to expect.

Set Your Fields on Fire (77)
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Did you know there are mystery shoppers for churches called mystery worshippers? Author William Thornton joins Jessilyn to discuss his witty new book, "Set Your Fields on Fire." Find out if you can be a mystery worshipper.

Wedding Season Survival Guide (76)
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

June is the big boom of wedding season. Listen how you can survive attending or being in a wedding with Jessilyn sharing her 27 Dresses moments with inquisitive Taylor. Where does cake fall on the list?

Inside Out Emotions (75)
1 year ago  -  10 minutes long

If another Inside Out movie was made, what emotions would you add? Listen as hosts Jessilyn and Taylor share the emotions that control their minds and possibly your minds. Should they be added to the movie?

What Is Your Seasonal Playlist? (74)
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Grab your latte, your headphones and a phone. Hear how music selections change four times a year from upbeat summer tunes to classics in the winter. Your favorite artist might be on our hosts' list.

Happy Memorial Day (73)
1 year ago  -  8 minutes long

Honoring the ones who sacrificed for our freedoms, host Jessilyn honors her grandfather by sharing his story of service. Give thanks today for our freedoms and for the ones who gave their life.

Hot Workout Trends (72)
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

How about Zuu workout or trying some kangoo jumps? Listen to the latest in workout trends to see if there is one on the C-Pop list you would like to try.

Chewbacca Mom Phenomenon (71)
1 year ago  -  9 minutes long

Have you heard of or watched Chewbacca Mom? Find out how she is using her fame to spread joy and why you should watch this viral video. Don't be left out.

Road Trip Sanity (70)
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

How do you survive a road trip with family or friends? Find out now with Jessilyn and Taylor as they offer you tips on road trip survival. You can survive the madness.

Pop Culture Raptures (69)
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

What pop culture fads have left you behind? Listen now as Jessilyn and Taylor share a list of popular fascinations people are obsessed with and why others don't understand why. Who will you agree with?

Captain America Civil War - Whose Side are You On? (68)
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

Right now everyone is talking about the new Captain America movie Civil War. As Marvel fans, Jessilyn and Taylor break down all the hype and if this is one of the best Marvel movie. Will you agree with their review?

Throwback to the Days of Gidget (67)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Surfs up! Travel back to 1959 and early 1960's when beach movies and surfing are the rage. Hear how the movie Gidget has impacted generations with its simple fun, romance and crazy character. Join the Moondoggie fun by taking the Gidget quiz.

How to Navigate Water Parks (66)
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

This summer learn how to successfully navigates water parks. Hear tips and learn the different types of water parks available.

What Do You Binge Watch? (65)
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Is binge watching better than watching a TV show at its regularly scheduled airtime? Listen now to find out why one would binge watch. Plus count how many times Taylor owes Jessilyn a taco.

Beach Trip vs Mountain Vacation (64)
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Where will you vacation this summer? Find out if you are Team Beach with Jessilyn or Team Mountain with Taylor. Listen and then join the conversation by tweeting the host.

What's Up With Hamilton? (63)
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Have you heard about the Broadway show Hamilton? If not, then you will want to listen as Taylor give his personal rendition of this pop culture phenomenon to Jessilyn.

Summer Movie Short List (62)
2 years ago  -  8 minutes long

What movies are you going to see this Summer? Host Jessilyn andTaylor are hear to help you by sharing their short list of moviesthey want to see, so you can add it to your list.

Food Trend Alert: Gourmet Summer Foods (61)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Would you eat lobster ice cream? Listen as Jessilyn shares with Taylor the newest food trends to try this summer. You may want to enjoy some artisan ice cream flavors or fancy oatmeal.

What's Your Favorite Movie? (60)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Get to know our hosts, Taylor and Jessilyn, by finding out what are their top five non-Christian movies. Even a throwback to the Gidget movies make the list.

How to Use Instagram (59)
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

How do you use Instagram? Inquiring host Taylor wants to know because he has only ever posted one photo, while co-host Jessilyn tags him in everything. Find out what to do and not to do according to Jessilyn and the C-Pop fans.

The Relient K Episode (58)
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Who hasn't listened to Relient K, especially during youth group. Listen as their two biggest fans, Taylor and Jessilyn, debate which Relient K album is the best. Even our listeners have weighed in. But does Taylor think he is right compared to everyone else?

Viktory - The Interview (57)
2 years ago  -  26 minutes long

Christian rapper Viktory joins Jessilyn to talk about music, faith and what inspires the stories behind his songs. Don't worry we did not allow Jessilyn to rap.

Children of God with Phil Wickham (56)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

You know him for his song "This is Amazing Grace," now Phil Wickham talks with C-Pop about the story behind the inspiration for his new album Children of God. Then have fun when Taylor and Jessilyn double team Phil to play Rapid Round of Questions.

Movie Reviews: Room, Spotlight and God's Not Dead 2 (55)
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

Have you seen Room, Spotlight or God's Not Dead 2? Jessilyn finally did and she shares her thoughts with our film aficionado Taylor. Plus find out how religion and church plays a role in these movies.

Medical Misadventures (54)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Is it time for your annual physical or dental exams? Taylor and Jessilyn share their recent doctor visit mishaps and what you should do if have your wisdom teeth pulled. You will be laughing, which is the best medicine.

History of Christian Video Games (53)
2 years ago  -  24 minutes long

Yes, there are Christian video games. Listen as gamer Taylor breaks down for non-gamer Jessilyn the history and how they can be improved upon.

What's It Like to Be Vine Famous? (52)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

There is a celebrity in the studio today... Chip The Intern! He shares how he became Vine famous, what life is like as an Internet celebrity and what he is doing now to glorify God through social media.

Mighty Magnus (51)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Are you a responsible pet owner? If you answered yes, then Animal service may be calling you. Listen along as Jessilyn shares her tails of how she adopted the Mighty Magnus. Plus there may be a fish still swimming around.

#VikingEaster (50)
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

This is not an April Fool's joke! Jessilyn received her Easter basket today and ravaged through it like a Viking. Hear her critique. But did Taylor receive one? You will have to listen to find out.

Christian Songs for Your Work Out Playlist (49)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

What's on your playlist when you work out? Listen to find out what Christian songs your favorite C-pop's hosts, Taylor and Jessilyn, suggest from their workout playlists. Plus a new Christian dating app.

Post Easter Show: Do's n Don'ts of Easter Baskets and Half-Off Candy (48)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Celebrate half-off candy day as Taylor gets schooled on holiday candy sales and the trauma of what you could possibly receive in a basket. Make plans now for next Easter with the Do's and Don'ts of Easter Baskets.

Who Doesn't Like Comedy? (47)
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Warning you will laugh at Christian puns. Jessilyn and Taylor are back together again showing you how they do comedy. Plus check out the list of Christian Comedians.

Ballin' on a Budget (46)
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Do you budget? If not, then don't run away and skip out on this episode like Taylor and Jessilyn. Hear how you can save and make a budget work with guest C-Poppers Kristin and Chip The Intern. Warning some ideas are for humor only and not for the faint at heart or supported by C-Pop.

#dewyouthgroup (45)
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

What is the secret sauce to a youth group? Taylor and Kristin (Youth Leader by default) breaks down the recipe from worship to gross games. Warning: You may want to eat after listening to this episode.

#CardioWorship (44)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

What Christian music do you listen to that makes you feel as if you had a cardio workout? Find out if your favorites made our C-Pop top Christian music list and the bands and artist you need to be listening to.

The Best Cartoon Films (43)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Where is Taylor when you are talking films? He took off on vacation. Join Jessilyn and Chip The Intern as the run down the best 10 cartoon films. Did your favorites make the list? Will Taylor be back?

Quiz the Intern Day (42)
2 years ago  -  7 minutes long

Will you pass the Jessilyn quiz? Today Jessilyn puts Chip, The Intern, to task by asking if the title she throws out is a book, movie, TV show, or something Jessilyn made up. Take the quiz today to see if you know more than The Intern.

The Internship (41)
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Guess who Jessilyn is replacing Taylor with, The Intern Chip. Who is he? What does he do? You will be encouraged by the story he shares and his love of golf.

Live Musical Alert: Passion of the Christ (40)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

If you did not know already, this Easter Tyler Perry is producing a live Passion of the Christ musical. Find out more from Taylor and Jessilyn who is featured in this musical and if it is worth checking out after the success of the live Sound of Music and Peter Pan. Will you watch?

Reboot Our Beloved Children Shows (39)
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

If you grew up Christian, what beloved shows would you like to see get a reboot? Taylor and Jessilyn, plus guest-host Jenny Rose, break down their list for you. Listen to find out if you agree or if they forgot any of your favorites.

What Spring Movies Will You See? (38)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

What movies are coming out this Spring? Be in the know with Taylor and Jessilyn, as they break down the 7 Spring films they are excited about. Catch Spring fever now.

What's Your Hobby? (37)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Do you have a hobby or would like to start one? Let Jessilyn and Taylor help you with their list of favorite hobbies. You may secretly want to start a stamp collection like Jessilyn or play life size board games with Taylor. Listen and start coloring now.

Taylor's Oscar Post Show Extravaganza (36)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

What Oscar moments are you talking about with friends? Taylor has an ear full for you. If you watched or missed this infamous award show, Taylor recaps for you the full run with our guest co-host Kristin. Find out what would happen if Taylor and Kristin produced next year's Oscars.

New Facebook Reactions (35)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

How WOW'd are you by the new Facebook Reactions? Find out how you can use the new reactions, plus additional new do's and don'ts in social medial.

Movie Review: Risen (34)
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

You have seen the trailers, read the reviews, but you are not sure if you want to spend over $10 for a ticket and popcorn to see Risen. Let Taylor and Jessilyn help you decide. Host Taylor shares his personal feedback on the movie while Jessilyn asks the questions that you are thinking. Are you going to go see Risen?

Grammy Awards and Teddy Grahams (33)
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Talking about the Grammy Awards makes Jessilyn want Teddy Grahams. How about you? Listen to find out if you crave Teddy Grahams after Taylor and Jessilyn discuss the difference between Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Find out which Christian artist actually won a Grammy.

Church Deal Breakers (32)
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

What turns you off from church or a Christian ministry group? Listen to the C-pop list from our hosts Taylor and Jessilyn. Not only do they share their deal breakers, they share what our fans, The C-Pop-N-Lockers, say are deal breaker for them. Do you agree with our list?

Who is Nominated for the Movie Guide Awards? (31)
2 years ago  -  25 minutes long

What are the Movie Guide Awards and who are the nominees? Do they include Christian films and actors. Hear Jessilyn and Taylor debate the list and see if you agree or not. You may be surprised what movies are considered safe for families.

Faith on Set with Melissa Joan Hart (30)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

You may know her as "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" or on the popular TV show "Melissa and Joey," but what you don't know is Melissa Joan Hart is grounded in her Faith. Melissa joins Jessilyn in studio by phone to discuss the impact her faith has had in her career and her new movie "God's Not Dead 2."

Personal Deal Breakers - Media Version (29)
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

What are your personal deal breakers in watching TV or movies, listening to music or reading in the media? Taylor and Jessilyn share their personal deal breakers and polled C-Pop fans. Listen to find out if you share the same ones.

Netflix the New Medium in Christianty (28)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Netflix is opening up a new medium for Christians. Taylor and Jessilyn debate and share how TV evangelist are now on Netflix and who they are. Listen now to see if your favorites are on the list.

Girl Gab with Hot New Author Rachelle Dekker (27)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Jessilyn kicks Taylor out of the studio for this girl talk episode on everything from "Princess Diaries" to fiction to confidence to music. Listen now as Jessilyn and Rachelle go beyond the normal book author interview.

Top Marvel Movies (26)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Geek Out with Marvel Comic Movie Day! If you enjoy Marvel comics, movies and characters, you will want to hear the C-Pop Top Marvel Movie List. You may or may not agree, but hear how our host relate the movies to Christian values, while Taylor tries to find his Spirit Man.

Christianese Terminology (25)
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

Do you get confused when Christians start talking Christianese? Is it a foreign language? C-Pop is here to help. Listen now and know what it means when people say, "A Hedge of Fire, Jezebel, Slain in the Spirit and Spiritual Warfare." You will have fun learning the meaning of these terms from our favorite host Jessilyn and Taylor, with the help of our Designated Old Person Sean.

Bible TV Series (24)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

ABC is getting ready to release Of Kings and Prophets and it getting compared to Game of Thrones. Since, there is controversy surrounding the series, Jessilyn and Taylor decide to make up their own Bible TV Series. Listen to see if you would watch or imagine for your own Bible TV Series.

Resolutions: Fail or Still Going (23)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Have you given up on your New Year's resolutions? Be encouraged and hear how Taylor and Jessilyn are doing on their resolutions. Have they failed and given up or are they winning at the Fit Bit challenge? Either way you are going to laugh or shake your head in disbelief.

Have You Seen Any of the Movies Nominated for an Oscar? (22)
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

It's that time of year for award shows on TV. Hear Jessilyn and Taylor discuss the Golden Globes and how The Martian was categorized as a comedy. Then listen to the debate on what movies should be nominated for an Oscar or should they include movies people actually have watched. What side are you on? The Bear of The Revenant?

Riding in Cars with Strangers (21)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Life should be a movie. This episode of Great Adventures include traveling in cars with Strangers, air hockey and finding a lost blind dog. Laugh and cry on listening to all the fun Taylor and Jessilyn had over the holidays with their travels that could be a Hallmark movie.

The Star Wars Episode (Spoilers are Included) (20)
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

Journey with us to a galaxy far, far away. Hear if you agree which Star Wars movie is the best. But be prepared for the deep theological discussion of the new Star Wars movie that includes spoilers for those who are living in darkness and have not seen the movie. Our producer is still not over the spoilers. Do you agree with Taylor and Jessilyn on the movie of all time?

Special Interview with Actor David Oyelowo (19)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

To celebrate the DVD release of Captive, Actor David Oyelowo, known for playing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, chats with Taylor about his faith and the movie Captive.

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions People Do Not Keep (18)
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Happy New Year from C-Pop! Hear the refreshed Jessilyn and skeptical Taylor give you the top New Year's resolutions people try to keep but fail. Are any of these resolutions on your list? If so, prove Taylor wrong while Jessilyn cheers you on.

The Best in Christian Fiction - Thrillers vs Romance (17)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Oh no! Taylor is missing and Jessilyn has taken over the show. She wants to share with you her favorite topic of all time, Christian Romance novels. But there is a new voice in the studio who disagrees and shares what should be the best Christian Fiction - Supernatural Thriller novels. What is your favorite genre?

Unicorns in the Bible and Other Non-Revelation Creatures that Appear (16)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Hear how unicorns are in the Bible and what it means. Listen to the C-Pop Top 5 Non-Revelation Creatures in the Bible. Taylor and Jessilyn even share what version and translations you can find them.

Merry Merry Christmas (15)
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Today is Christmas and Taylor owes Jessilyn a present, preferably a gift card to her favorite coffee shop. Have laugh as you listen to Favorite Christmas Memories. How can you not with a dog who eats Christmas ham.

Social Media Trends That Need to Go Away (14)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Glitter beards are the rage with hanging ornaments. But should they be? Hear the C-Pop list of social media trends that have worn out their pokes, shares and likes. Find out if you will shout Hallelujah or disagree with our host Taylor and The Ham Award-Winning Jessilyn.

Guess the Hallmark Christmas Movie Plot (13)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Your next game to play with friends. Join Taylor as he tries to guess the movie plot of a Hallmark Christmas movie You don't have to be a fan of Hallmark movies, aka Taylor, to play.

Reality Television (12)
2 years ago  -  8 minutes long

What is your favorite reality show? Hear why you should watch reality television and which shows to support that are open to contestants who are Christians.

What Are Your Favorite Faith Based Films? (11)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

You don't have to wonder anymore, "What are the best faith films?" C-Pop did the work for you and polled family, friends, co-workers and social media. Hear the C-Pop list now. See how many you movies you have watched or what movies you need to put on your bucket list.

Marriage - The Truth Behind the Veil (10)
2 years ago  -  22 minutes long

Desiring to be married. Hear the truth from newlyweds Kristin and Nick as they share everything is better when you date God's way. This C-Pop interview may sound like a fairy tale story, but provides you with a realistic expectation for marriage.

Theme Park Etiquette (9)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Do you see people at theme parks and ask yourself, "Why?" Hear the top theme park etiquette tips from our C-Pop polled audience. Then Taylor shares how he survived his first Thanksgiving alone in Florida. Did he remember the dinner rolls?

Food to Make You Hungry (8)
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

You will want to run out and eat some brogurt after hearing the recent trends in food. Jessilyn tells how she gave into temptation to break her no spend rule to eat out at Chick-fil-A.

No Spending for a Month and Martians (7)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Throwback to October, Jessilyn begins her new ambition to not spend money for a month. Then hear how Taylor was impacted by the movie The Martian and how many Jesus fist did it receive.

Personality Type (6)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Can you guess Jessilyn's personality based on these animals? As Taylor helps Jessilyn find her personality, listen to the characteristics for each animal to find yours.

Courtship vs Dating (5)
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Courtship or Dating? Courtship is making its way back into the dating life of Christians. Hear the comparisons between courtship and dating to find out if courtship is best for you with our special guest Jenny Rose, who is in a courtship.

How to Know if You Grew Up in Church and Misadventures in Christian Dating (4)
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Did you grow up in church? Find out if your childhood includes anything on the C-Pop Culture list of "You Know Your a Christian If..." Hear the struggles and benefits of dating as a Christian with Taylor the romantic and Jessilyn's misadventures.

Who Would You Pick for Your Reality Game Show? (3)
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

If you could create your own reality game TV show, who would be on your team? Jessilyn and Taylor put together their reality show dream team based off of Survivor. Also, TobyMac makes the cut with a review of his recent album with high Jesus Fish ratings.

It's All About the Music (2)
2 years ago  -  21 minutes long

What can happen when you attend Rock the Universe at Universal Studios in Florida? Hear stories about the great music and musicians or is it really all about the rides. Then way in on the C-Pop list for the best all time Christian songs..

Misadventures with Pigeons and Play the Game - Do You Know the Meaning of the Word? (1)
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Need a good laugh? Hear Jessilyn describe her misadventures in Columbia with feeding pigeons, coffee and Latin Time. Then test your knowledge of words from the Oxford Dictionary when Taylor tests Jessilyn. How well will you score?

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