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IDEOLATRY is a weekly podcast (and book) that discusses what and why we believe in God. Ideolatry host, Dr. Rich Masek dives into why we think what we do so we can discover Real Truth! Ideolatry is proud to be a part of the Charisma Podcast Network. Learn more at

Have You Forgiven Yourself? (Ep. 22)

6 days ago  -  18 minutes long

Jesus forgives you. He told Peter to forgive someone who sinned against him 490 times in a day! Jesus told Peter that the Kingdom of Heaven is one of continual forgiveness. However, it is not an easy thing to overcome the layers of guilt you heap upon yourself because of your actions. In this episode, Dr. Rich Masek discusses why we should forgive ourselves and embrace God's love. For a free chapter from Dr. Masek's book, Ideolatry, visit

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The First Murder (Ep. 23)
15 hours ago  -  7 minutes long

Cain deflected responsibility and denied his action. What was the Act of God in Cain's situation? Was it a direct action that God took against him for his sin, or was it an act that preserved Cain's life in spite of the sin? If you enjoy this episode, you can download a free chapter from Ideolatry the book at

The Different Names of God (Ep. 21)
5 months ago  -  15 minutes long

God has many descriptive names. Explore these names for God and what it means to believe in free will. Listen how God is there for you in every step in life.

Names Can Be Deceptive (Ep. 20)
6 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Explore what you can learn from a name. People believe it can bring out a man's character. Listen to what the Lord says about a name and what you let in as life filters.

How Do You Name God? (Ep. 19)
6 months ago  -  8 minutes long

Names are very important because your experiences tend to define the names by which you might know a person or the way that you know God. Are your names accurate? In this episode and his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Rich Masek explores your perspectives and your reality and how they can affect why you know God by the names that you do.

Cause and Effect (Ep. 18)
7 months ago  -  11 minutes long

There is a foundational principle of the universe that we come in contact with daily and that is cause and effect. A cause is ultimately responsible for its effects. But people don't like to accept responsibility for their actions and they frequently look for others to blame. And God deals with us in an entirely different way than the legal system of the world does. In this video and his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Rich Masek explores cause and effect and or personal responsibility. Visit

The Generational Curse (Ep.17)
7 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Have you ever wondered why some undesirable behaviors get passed down through certain families? These can sometimes appear to be generational curses. God warns us of the pitfalls of sin, but does He do the cursing? In this video, and his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Rich Masek explores sin, curses and how God deals with them. Visit

The Blinders of Self-Deception (Ep. 16)
7 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Self-Deception is a process in which an individual rationalizes away a known truth and many things can influence the choice of the individual. Such is the situation that Adam found himself in the Garden with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. In this podcast, Dr. Rich Masek explores the concept of self-deception that he discusses in his book, Ideolatry. Visit

The Blame Game (Ep. 15)
8 months ago  -  7 minutes long

God established the concepts of Personal Responsibility and Accountability when He gave Adam instructions about not eating the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. As soon as God questioned Eve about eating the fruit, the finger-pointing began and it has been with us ever since. But who is actually responsible? In this video, Dr. Rich Masek explores the Blame Game from his book, Ideolatry. Visit the Ideolatry website at

God's Recovery Plan From The Ultimate Con (Ep. 14)
8 months ago  -  9 minutes long

Once the Ultimate Con was firmly established, the next step was to seal the trap. A lie became the truth in the mind of Eve, the victim of the con. A lack of understanding allowed the enticement of the lie to take full force. But God still had other plans. In his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Rich Masek discusses how God's Character and Nature overcome this "Ultimate Con game" that was played on Adam and Eve. Visit for more info.

The Trap Is Set (Ep. 13)
8 months ago  -  8 minutes long

A person that is working an effective "con game" wins an individual's trust by gaining their confidence. That trust is then deliberately betrayed by encouraging the "mark" to engage in some kind of action that they would not otherwise take. In this video, Dr. Rich Masek discusses a section of his book, Ideolatry that deals with how this "con game" was played on Adam and Eve.

Deflection of Personal Responsibility (Ep. 12)
8 months ago  -  8 minutes long

Our personal books of truth are built upon our observations, perspectives and life filters. They shape who we are. But, as host Dr. Rich Masek says, it also shapes our perception of something greater.

Overcome Sin (Ep. 11)
8 months ago  -  6 minutes long

God set in place a master plan against sin. No one is immune to the consequences of sin, there someone who overcame it. Listen to this episode to understand the free gift offered to the sinner. Hear and believe today you are washed clean and forgiven, then remember to forgive yourself.

Relativity And Perspectives: The Problem With Observational Truth (Ep. 10)
9 months ago  -  9 minutes long

Our view is hindered by many factors that include our environment, education, observations, and preconceptions. All of these define our relative perspective and create our personal Ideolatry. God is not relative. He is absolute and without variation. He has a complete view of everything, but we do not. In this video, Dr. Rich Masek explores relativity and observational truth that may lead you to see things a little differently.

Faith - In Science or God? (Ep. 9)
9 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Mankind and science do not want to deal with God because He defies explanation in human terms. Science defers the problem of God to philosophers and religious folk whom it actually seems to disdain. But God is the only constant and absolute in the universe. In his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Rich Masek explores relativity and absolutes in a way that may give you a different perspective.

Deciding What Truth Is (Ep. 8)
9 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Somewhere, someone is always trying to convince us of something. Rhetoric about Truth surrounds us in almost every aspect of life. Some seek to redefine Truth in a relative manner based on the situation. While this may seem appropriate to some, there is a higher order of Absolute Truth at work in the universe.

Religion vs Christianity (Ep. 7)
9 months ago  -  7 minutes long
Discussions about Religion can evoke some very passionate discussions. People can have very different views of how religion relates to God and Christianity. Are Christianity and religion synonymous or is there a difference between the two? In his book, Ideolatry, Dr. Masek explores the relationship between religion and Biblical Christianity and may give you a different perspective.
It's The Law (Ep. 6)
10 months ago  -  5 minutes long
The legal profession and the insurance industry have a lot of fine print, especially about the Acts of God. Combined with religious tradition, they can have a great influence on your view of God. But do they accurately portray the true Acts of God? Explore Ideolatry and you might see the Acts of God in a different light.
Tuning In (Ep. 5)
10 months ago  -  7 minutes long
What does today's technology have in common with your relationship with God? Like you, each technology must be Tuned In to function correctly. Explore Ideolatry and you might get a better understanding as to how you can Tune In to God's Truth.
Where is the Truth in Your Why? (Ep. 4)
10 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Have you ever really thought about why you do what you do or why you believe what you believe? Is your why based on environmental perspectives or situational truth? Host Dr. Rich Masek the real truth about your why.

Life Filters (Ep. 3)
10 months ago  -  6 minutes long

How do you decide what truth is and what influences your version of truth? Truth can be an elusive concept depending upon where you look to find it. Your understanding of truth comes from your Life Filters. Your Life Filters create your perspective that is based on your observations and experiences. Your perspective is your reality, but is your reality based upon real truth?

The God Concept (Ep. 2)
11 months ago  -  7 minutes long

The human spirit struggles with the human intellect to understand the many concepts of who or what God is. But the human spirit has a void in it, a "spiritual receptor site", that only the God of the Bible can adequately fill.

What is Ideolatry? (Ep. 1)
11 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Ideolatry is an unusual word. At first glance, it looks like a misspelling, but the word carries some very deep and significant meaning. It is the title of Dr. Rich Masek's book, Ideolatry.

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