Preachers Not Preaching Podcast
Get ready to laugh and be inspired as you go behind the scenes with three young pastors who are doing life together. If one of them starts preaching, we rewind and retake it.

Episode 53: Signs You're Old

5 months ago  -  28 minutes long

Listen as your favorite preachers share with you the signs of getting old. Hear and laugh as Zach tells about his first experience realizing that he is old. Then, join the discussion on what to do when someone is not into church, but into having a relationship with Jesus.

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Episode 52: What Denomination Should You Be?
6 months ago  -  28 minutes long

Take the Preachers Not Preaching survey to find out what denomination you should be. You maybe surprised by the results.

Episode 51: Happy New Year!
6 months ago  -  22 minutes long

What are your goals for this New Year? Find out what the preachers plans are, and listen to their answer on if the Bible is self interpreting or not. Happy New Year!

Episode 50: The White Elephant
7 months ago  -  22 minutes long

This is the preachers 50th episode and just in time for Christmas! Find out what the preachers have planned this holiday and listen to the commentary of them opening their White Elephant gifts. Don't miss this fun episode and Merry Christmas!

Episode 49: Name That Tune
7 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Join the preachers today and have some fun naming these Christmas tunes. Also listen as the preachers discuss their Christmas giving budgets and acceptable gifts to give.

Episode 48 - The Christmas Oops
7 months ago  -  23 minutes long

On today's episode the preachers will be discussing Joseph, Mary and the birth of Christ. While Adam and Chris had an amazing lunch date, Zach took the reigns and began to preach. Find out what the birth of Christ truly means and listen as Adam gets shut down.

Episode 47: Sparks Fly With Largest Potluck Record
7 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Which preacher is competing for the largest church potluck? Listen to find out. Then hear what's it like to be a preacher's kid (a.k.a. PK) with in-studio guest Sparky.

Episode 46: Passion to Serve
8 months ago  -  25 minutes long

It was bring your son to work day, but one preacher forgot his at school. On today's show the preachers discuss how we are called to be the light on the hill, and how we can stay passionate to serving. Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 45: Nobodies Perfect
8 months ago  -  24 minutes long

Guess who is celebrating 20 years of marriage? Join in to find out who it is as the preachers who don't preach discuss imperfections, weaknesses, personalities and immaturity.

Episode 44: Bottom of the 10th
8 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Adam and Zack share their memories from their trip to California, but there is tension in the studio. Find out what project Zack is working on and way Zack and Adam have beef.

Episode: 43 California Dreaming
8 months ago  -  25 minutes long

The preachers are going to California, but somebody is getting left behind. Listen as they discuss disclepleship and friendship on this episode of Preachers not Preaching.

Episode 42: Doughnuts and Pennies
8 months ago  -  26 minutes long

On this episode the preachers talk baseball and Halloween. As a Christian will you be celebrating Halloween? Listen as the preachers share their thoughts and opinions on the Halloween holiday.

Episode 41: Dream On
9 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Did you know Adam is a sleepwalker? Today on episode "40" acutually 41, the preachers tell some of their funny sleep walking stories. After their stories they share their views on how God communicates to us in dreams. Don't miss this episode and learn a side no one knew about Adam.

Episode 40: Presidential Debate's
9 months ago  -  25 minutes long

What is better cubed ice or crushed? Listen to the preachers debate and share their thoughts on this coming election.

Episode 39: Storytelling
9 months ago  -  29 minutes long

After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the Preachers are back! On this episode they are going to talk about how they may have made up a story or two in the pulpit. You don't want to miss the improvising on this show either.

Episode 38: Usain in the Membrane
10 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Do you know yourself as well as Usain Bolt? Listen in today to hear why its important to know who you are and how you can take grip of your identity in Christ.

Episode 37: Where's My Invite?
11 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Zack was not invited to go to the soccer game with the other preachers. Listen to them talk about their weekend and what they did, as well as their experiences with others who strive to be accepted by their parents. If this is you, you will want to listen to this podcast.

Episode 36: Zach's New World Record Hopes
11 months ago  -  26 minutes long

Find out which world record the Zach (Former World Record Holder for Longest speech) wants to beat now. Also hear the preachers thoughts on waiting.

Episode 35: Rest
11 months ago  -  25 minutes long

The preachers are back! Find out what they did this summer and stay tuned for the lessons they learned about rest.

Episode 34: Zig Zag Zender
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

What have the preachers and banjo done with Zack? Zig Zender returns in this episode of preachers who don't preach plus Nick. Then hear how VBS does make an impact in a child's life.

Episode 33: God Bless Orlando
1 year ago  -  34 minutes long

Listen as Adam, Chris and guest host Nick share how the Orlando Pulse shooting impact each one of their lives. First, there is a special character who visits the preachers in this episode of Preachers Not Preaching Minus Zach.

Episode 32: The Christianese Style
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

How well do you know Christianese terms? Be schooled by the whistling preachers on terms used in the church. Then be inspired on how to truly help someone through the stories Chris, Zach and Adam share of people in need.

Episode 31: 100's From Heaven
1 year ago  -  27 minutes long

Have you ever wondered how money appears on the ground or in bushes? Listen as Adam shares how he found a $100, as Zach tries to find money in a bush at a golf course. Then, what is the state of the Church? Listen to find out.

Episode 30: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

What are you gifted in? Adam is gifted in finding 100 dollar bills. Find out how in this episode of Preachers Not Preaching.

Episode 29: How Well Do You Resolve Conflict?
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Have you ever had a conflict you couldn't resolve? Listen, learn and laugh when you hear how our three preachers who don't preach react to conflict.

Episode 28: How Do You Personally Stay Strong?
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

Impersonations, soccer and summer activities can make a preacher grow weary. Hear today what your favorite pastors do to stay strong when they get weary.

Episode 27: Misunderstood Bible Verses Across the USA
1 year ago  -  24 minutes long

What happens when the preachers who don't preach take a trip? They end up in Wisconsin. Hear how much fun they had, the new food they tried, and debate which Bible verses are the most misunderstood.

Episode 26: Zoinks!
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

What impressions do you do? The preachers of Preachers Not Preaching can do impressions. Listen now to find out who is the best impersonator, and be encouraged not to give up in difficult times.

Episode 25: The Doppelgänger Episode
1 year ago  -  27 minutes long

Who would play you in a movie? The preachers share who they think should play them. Do you agree? Then hear the debate if children should have a separate church service or be part of the regular service.

Episode 24: Will You Marry Me?
1 year ago  -  27 minutes long

What do preachers do when asked this question by couples? Find out from the preachers who don't preach. Plus what not to do in motorcycle training class, rent a pet and much more.

Episode 23: Lil Shoots First Easter
1 year ago  -  27 minutes long

Breaking news! Adam and Zach share a Shetland pony named Lil Shoots. Find out if it is true, along with holiday gimmicks and what the Resurrection really means to the preachers who don't preach.

Episode 22: The Pizza Whisperer
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

Can you guess the toppings on a pizza by the smell? The Pizza Whisperer can. Find who is gifted with this special sense. Plus play the game Guess Who Said What and ponder the topic of Legacy.

Episode 21: Relationships
1 year ago  -  29 minutes long

Communication is so hard. Find out today from the Preachers, who don't preach, what happens when they counsel people in relationships. You will laugh and learn, but we can't guarantee you will develop communication skills.

Episode 20: Did You Receive That?
1 year ago  -  34 minutes long

Favorite Candy, High Level Bible Trivia, and Chris's Guess the Word, what more can you ask for in one episode? Wait you can. If you have heard from the Lord, Zach, Adam and Chris will help you know if it is from Him or not. Listen, play and laugh.

Episode 19: Walking Into Firestorms
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Have you ever sub for someone and then a fight breaks out? Then you will enjoy hearing the preachers share their stories on what they did not expect when preaching on today's episode. Play the game to see if you know Who Tweeted This? The Pope or Kayne.

Episode 18: Pranks for the Memories
1 year ago  -  30 minutes long

Are you a prankster or the one on the receiving end of the prank? Join today's Preachers Not Preaching as the preachers share the good, the bad and the ugly on pranking. Who do you think is the biggest prankster ...Zach, Chris or Adam? Then the preachers talk "Father Talk" about Should Children Figure Things Out on Their Own.

Episode 17: Sponsored by the Letter FUN
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Is "Fun" biblical? According the preachers who don't preach it is. Hear today's debate with Chris, Adam, and Zach about having fun and if it is biblical. Shouts to fans who have tried the Blazin Hot Wing Challenge, Update on Adam's bike and of course don't forget about fun with our favorite host, Banjo.

Episode 16: The "Talk"
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

Do you struggle with giving your children "The Talk" on sex? Let the preachers help by sharing their personal experiences with "The Talk." Before "The Talk" enjoy stories of raccoons, demolition derbies and part two of the game "Who'd that Pastor?"

Episode 15: Modeling Cashmere in Barbados
1 year ago  -  28 minutes long

Today we are talking Barbados and playing the new game Who'd That Pastor! You may be surprised who owns cashmere sweaters and who was a model as a child. Will it be Zach, Adam, Chris or The Banjo? Then there is always room for sports.

Episode 14: The Wife Trifecta
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

Behind every great man is a strong, supportive, loving and "forgiving" woman. Today the preachers who do not preach honor their wives by swapping wife stories and sharing how they met their wives. Listen now to laugh, shout and sing with Chris, Adam, Zach and the Banjo.

Episode 13: Spiritual Inventions
1 year ago  -  30 minutes long

Join the joyful preachers who don't preach as they share with you their spiritual inventions. Play with Chris and Zach to see if you know the different songs Adam is playing on the beloved banjo. Then hear the guys discuss what is harder for a preacher than for others.

Episode 12: 100 Years of Dropping Nickels
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Will the church look the same in 100 years from now? And what does it have to do with bowling and dropping nickels? Only the preachers who don't preach know and want to pass on their non-pastorally wisdom. Plus we have heard your cries for more banjo.

Episode 11: Happy New Year
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

It's 2016! Chris, Adam and Zach are celebrating in their own non-preachy way. Listen now to find out what new games and stories they have for you. Maybe even a new host!

Episode 10: Go Tell Everyone It's Christmas
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Merry Christmas from the preachers who don't preach. Listen to what mischief they are up to on this special Christmas episode and how you can celebrate Christmas.

Episode 9: Christmas Tales
1 year ago  -  32 minutes long

Are you ready to laugh out loud? Join Chris, Adam and Zach share the good, the bad and the ugly of Christmas shopping and what is the best gift ever received.

Episode 8: Blazing Buffalo Wings
1 year ago  -  40 minutes long

What does buffalo wings and shaving have in common? Find out when Chris and Zach put the heat on Adam to complete his punishment from the Wheel of Punishment. Also new music, questions answered from social media and Christmas distractions.

Episode 7: Lessons from Grandpa Otto
1 year ago  -  34 minutes long

What happens when Pastor Adam's Grandpa Otto visits the studio? A whole lot of fun, mayhem and a wheel of punishment. Hear now as the preachers not preach, but instead play The Hallelujah game to see if they can guess what denomination visiting guests are by the way they say Hallelujah. How many willy you get right?

Episode 6: Doughnut vs Sermon
1 year ago  -  23 minutes long

Can you tell the difference between a person eating a doughnut and someone listening to a sermon? Try your game skills now as Pastor Chris test the Pastors Zach and Adam. Then hear the preachers not preach on conferences and more.

Episode 5: Seminary School Did Not Prepare Us for This
1 year ago  -  30 minutes long

Are we alive? Lord willing. The pastors warn you what seminary school did not prepare them for in life and in ministry. Pastor Chris challenges Adam and Zach with their knowledge of news events with the game Finish That Statement. Listen now and sing-a-long with the Preachers Not Preaching.

Episode 4: Manicures, Pedicures, and Things You Wish You Could Take Back from Pulpit
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Find out how well Pastor Chris knows Pastors Adam and Zach. Chris wants you to listen out for how many times Adam and Zak use their go-to crutch phrases. Hear the pastors share stories on the things they wish they could take back spoken from the pulpit.

Episode 3: What Did the Pope Say and Big Moments God Showed Up
1 year ago  -  31 minutes long

Join the pastors, along with their banjo, to play the game What Did the Pope Say. Hear stories of big time moments of when God showed up in dark times.

Episode 2: Things That Pastors Hear
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

In this episode hear The 3 Preachers debate if a doctorate degree, in anything other than medicine, should be called champions. Then they exchange only stories pastors hear in Things That Pastors Hear.

Episode 1: Cobra on the Loose
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long

Get to know Chris, Adam and Zach in this first episode of Preachers Not Preaching. Hear how a Cobra is on the loose in Florida, play along on with the first game show and hear what they have to saying about cheating.

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