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Hot topics affecting your Christian faith. Challenge your beliefs each week with topics on U.S. and International politics, missions, Christian movements, persecution and global outreach. Join host Stephen Strang, founding editor and publisher of Charisma magazine, as he discusses these topics and challenges you to know what Christians are experiencing nationally and globally.

A Wandering Prophet, Hubie Synn

2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

God can use anybody for His purpose and glory. Hear how God used prophet Hubie Synn and what you can learn in his book The Tales of a Wandering Prophet.

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Advance Your Leadership Growth with The National Institute of Christian Leadership
3 days ago  -  13 minutes long

Receive practical application to lead in any environment. The National Institute of Christian Leadership (NICL), founded by Dr. Mark Rutland, offers insight to help grow and sustain your organization or ministry. Hear host Stephen Strang share about his experience with the NICL sessions. Learn more about the NICL online courses. Listen today, to improve your leadership skills.

God Fulfills Exiled Evangelist's Prophetic Vision to Spread Gospel in 10-40 Window
6 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Liu Zhenying, better known as Brother Yun, is driven by one goal: fulfill the vision God gave him at 16 years old to preach the gospel. And God is fulfilling that prophetic word. Listen as Brother Yun shares his passion for the gospel and issues an urgent prayer alert for the church in China.

Dr. Claudio Freidzon Challenges You to Reach One Person for Christ
8 days ago  -  8 minutes long

When Dr. Claudio Freidzon speaks around the world, he challenges everyone to reach one person in their home or neighborhood for Christ. Take the challenge after listening to this interview with Dr. Freidzon. Hear how the Holy Spirit is waiting for you to build a relationship with Him and how you should pray for revival. Dr. Freidzon is pastor of the church Rey de Reyes, a congregation of more than 20,000 members in Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

John Kilpatrick: The Church Must Awake From Witchcraft's Spell and Pray
13 days ago  -  17 minutes long

On Aug. 19, Pastor John Kilpatrick prophesied during a morning service the spirit of Jezebel is set to rise against President Donald Trump. Without any help from Kilpatrick or his media team, the video message went viral. Over a million people have seen it. Listen to the interview with Pastor Kilpatrick as to why people are watching this extraordinary message and how it ends with a powerful time of prayer with many praying in tongues over their nation.

Heidi Baker See Revival Everywhere
14 days ago  -  15 minutes long

At the Live to Love conference, scores of young people were hungry for God, eager to worship and passionate for the Spirit's presence. In a time when perhaps the majority of Millennials are cold toward the Lord, it was encouraging to see Heidi Baker impacting this generation for God's glory. Listen to as host Stephen Strang interviews Heidi about her ministry, the power of the Holy Spirit, and revival happening everywhere with young people.

Weekly Special: Omarosa Unhinged
26 days ago  -  28 minutes long

Here's why we must pray for Omarosa Manigault Newman, not criticize or judge her.

Help Bethel Give to Every Family Who Lost Their Home in the Fire
1 month ago  -  15 minutes long

What can you do for the people of Redding, California who have been affected by the burning wildfires? Listen as host Steve Strang interviews senior pastor of Bethel Church Eric Johnson. Hear the stories of the people who are now sifting through the ashes of what once their home. Learn how you can help Bethel rebuild the lives of everyone whose life was altered by the fires.

Give Them Liberty with Jerry Falwell
1 month ago  -  20 minutes long

Liberty University trains champions for Christ. Listen to this exclusive interview with President Jerry Falwell on how one of the world's largest universities is raising up the next generation of believers.

What Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Nomination Means for Christians
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

On Monday, July 9, 2018, President Trump announced his nomination to succeed Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Hear what our host Steve Strang has to say about Brett Kavanaugh and what his nomination means for the Christian community.

The God of Israel, with Chuck Pierce
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

When Vice President Mike Pence gathered leaders at the White House to celebrate Israel's Independence Day in May 2017, it became a historical event. Steve and Chuck Pierce discuss the significance of the event and why we should be behind Israel more than ever.

Profound Good with Blake Healy
2 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Since childhood, Blake Healy has been able to see into the spiritual world beyond the realm of other believers. Blake and Steve discuss this wonderful, God-given gift and how it has blessed the lives of others, plus Blake's new book titled Profound Good.

Building an Orphanage in India for 24 Homeless Girls
3 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Over the years, Christian Life Missions has been able to raise millions of dollars for many worthwhile ministries. This one is connected to a very special person in my life, and we need you to partner with us for this incredible ministry.

Miraculous: The Story of Kim Daniels' Political Journey
5 months ago  -  12 minutes long

Kim Daniels says that, in God, even when it looks like we lose, we win. In this edition of the Strang Report, Steve talks with Kim about her miraculous road to the Florida House of Representatives and God's vision for her political career.

A Light in the Darkness
5 months ago  -  14 minutes long

In this episode of the Strang Report, Steve speaks with Troy Duhon, executive producer of the God's Not Dead 3. The movie is aimed at Millennials, which Duhon refers to as the "almost forgotten generation" at church in these chaotic times.

Interview with Brigitte Gabriel
5 months ago  -  16 minutes long

When people turn a blind eye to evil, nothing good can come from it. Steve Strang's in-studio guest, Brigitte Gabriel, is one of the leading terrorism experts in the world providing information and analysis on the rise of global Islamic terrorism. She and Steve discuss how you can be involved.

Mark and Grace Driscoll Talk Faith and Family
5 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, are working together with their children to serve in the church. Listen to their story. Hear how God is changing their lives and the importance of the message of love in Christianity.

Mark Joseph: Rock Gets Religion
6 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Musician Mark Joseph talks about his new book, Alice Cooper and the crossover over pop stars to Christian music and vice versa. Strang Report fans, you won't want to miss this podcast.

Bill Wiese Tells His Story of 23 Minutes in Hell
7 months ago  -  23 minutes long

Bill Wiese has a very interesting, believable and credible insight into hell. Many people have come to Christ as a result of reading his book, of which 1 million copies were sold. You won't want to miss this interview.

Bible Prophecy with Mike Bickle
7 months ago  -  19 minutes long

Many people, including Christians, believe Bible prophecy concerning the end times is simply symbolic. But Mike Bickle, founder of the International House of Prayer in Kansas, believe it is literal. You won't want to miss my discussion with Mike.

Remembering Oral Roberts with Ossie Mills
7 months ago  -  15 minutes long

January 24, 2018, will be the 100th birthday celebration in remembrance of Oral Roberts. Listen as Ossie Mills, Vice President of Global Communications and Marketing at Oral Roberts University, tells the story and vision of Oral Roberts. Hear how you can be a part of the celebration by watching the live stream of the chapel service and gala at

Eric Metaxas Explains How Martin Luther Changed the World
8 months ago  -  24 minutes long

Without Martin Luther, the world would not be where it is today. New York Times best-selling author of Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxas, tells how Martin Luther changed the course of history. Hear Eric bring to life the story of a man who wanted to spark theological debate, but instead leads a reformation in his new book Martin Luther.

Prophesies of Trump Revealed with Mark Taylor
8 months ago  -  20 minutes long

In 2011 God showed firefighter Mark Taylor a New York businessman named Donald Trump would become president. Listen as Mark tells his story and talks about his book "The Trump Prophesies" to host Steve Strang in an episode of prophecies you do not want to miss. Hear what God is showing for the future of America and the Trump Administration.

The Making of Bill Hamon's Prophetic Legacy
8 months ago  -  24 minutes long

God turned a door-to-door salesman into a prophetic statesman for His glory. Listen as Steve Strang talks with Bishop Bill Hamon about what is prophesying, the legitimacy of prophecy and stories of people impacted by Bishop Hamon's ministry. Then hear how leaders are prophesied into office as Saul and David were in the Bible during a discussion on President Trump.

Significance of Trump Moving Embassy to Jerusalem With Lance Wallnau
9 months ago  -  17 minutes long

People are celebrating the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, but Lance Wallnau shares we still need to pray nothing is asked in return for a quid pro quo. Hear more as Lance and Steve discuss the historic move and more.

Lance Wallnau Discusses Common Grace in Relation to the Leadership of Our Country
9 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Be challenged to see the leadership of our country and around the world through the eyes of common grace. Lance Wallnau discusses with our host Steve Strang what is common grace, how it relates to U.S. Presidents from Cater to Trump, and what Christians need to consider when voting for leaders.

Vance Patterson
9 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Vance Patterson says he was the poster child for the vision of Young Life ministries--a "lost, wild and deeply skeptical" teen. Listen to how God turned his life around and how he's now working with youth to do the same for them.

Bill Hamon Shares What God Showed Him on the Trump Victory - Hamon Part 3
9 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Bill Hamon shares what God shared with him during the 2016 presidential election and what lead to the Trump victory. Hear how God does not ask us to decide who He raises up to lead. Hamon encourages to not focus on the Tweets but focus on the policies President Trump is making.

When Prophets Gather - Hamon Part 2
9 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Bill Hamon continues to share his experiences in prophecy. Hear how in 1999 he and Cindy Jacobs started a gathering of prophets to discuss what the Lord is revealing. He tells how the group discerns what should be shared publically, accountability of public words and track what has been fulfilled.

Bill Hamon Says, "2018 Will Be a Pivotal Year" - Hamon Part One
9 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Bill Hamon is known as the father of the modern-day prophetic movement. Listen as he shares with our host Steve Strang what the Lord has shown him for 2018.

What Is the Lord Saying for 2018?
9 months ago  -  18 minutes long

Cindy Jacobs shares from a recent prophetic conference what the Lord is revealing for 2018. Hear how we are entering radical changes where the knowledge of God's Glory is seen in a way it has never been before. Learn what you need to be praying against and to be ready for God's great power.

An Interview With Ezra International's Mel Hoelzle
9 months ago  -  17 minutes long

The process for many Jews to make Aliyah is a costly one, both financially and emotionally. Ezra International is helping to ease the burden. Steve Strang talks to the organization's founder and president, Mel Hoelzle, about its wonderful efforts.

Bless Israel Event Helps Jews Make Aliyah to Israel
9 months ago  -  14 minutes long

When you bless Israel you will be blessed. Listen to how the Bless Israel Summit event held in the Orlando, Florida area, helped raise awareness and money to bless Jewish people make Aliyah to Israel. Pastor Blake Lorenz of Encounter Church shares the impact of this event and how God placed it in his heart to help.

Persevering the History of Pentecostalism With Darrin Rodgers
9 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Appreciate the history and heritage of the Pentecostal movements. Darrin Rodgers is the director of the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, the official archives, research center and museum of the Assemblies of God. He shares the work of this museum, the impact of Pentecostalism, and how it opens the doors to other Pentecostal and Charismatic denominations.

Miracle Museum
10 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Biblical literacy among believers these days has been described by many as "disappointing." That alone prompted Hobby Lobby Founder and CEO Steve Green and his family to build the Museum of the Bible, which opens Nov. 17. Listen to my podcast with Steve to find out how it all came about.

James Robison Chats With Me About My New Book 'God and Donald Trump'
10 months ago  -  48 minutes long

Here is the real story behind why I wrote it.

Evangelical Leader David Lane: 'I think the Lord Spared Us' With Trump Victory
10 months ago  -  39 minutes long

On the night before the 2016 Presidential election, in the natural, David Lane believed Donald Trump had little if any chance to win. But then God showed up in the supernatural. The rest, as they say, is history.

Ray Moore: Trump 'The Man God Has Chosen for This Hour'
10 months ago  -  38 minutes long

South Carolina isn't the type of voter haven for a Presidential candidate like Donald Trump. But as I discuss with political activist Ray Moore, the actions of South Carolinians might have just have swung the election in Trump's favor.

R.T. Kendall Part 1: The Key to the Next Great Move of God
10 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Martin Luther knew exactly what that was. On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Steve and prolific writer R.T. Kendall discuss in detail Luther's influence in history and where Luther received his great teaching.

R.T. Kendall Part 2: Whatever Happened to the Gospel?
10 months ago  -  17 minutes long

On the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Steve Strang and prolific writer R.T. Kendall discuss how Martin Luther and the date of October 31, 1517, changed the world forever.

Trump Election an Answer to 'Urgent, Pentecostal-Type Prayer'
10 months ago  -  10 minutes long

Among many other kingdom leaders, Generals International Co-Founder Cindy Jacobs keenly realized the urgency of intercessory prayer prior to the 2016 presidential election. Listen and discover how these prayer warriors' pleas were answered.

New General Superintendent Points Out Four Crucial Core Values for the AG Church
11 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Dr. Doug Clay, recently consecrated as the 13th general superintendent of the Assemblies of God, passionately talks about his vision for the AG church going forward and what's most important for the body.

How Trump's Presidency Could Open Doors to a Great Awakening in America
11 months ago  -  12 minutes long

In an interview with International House of Prayer's Mike Bickle for my new book God and Donald Trump, something he said specifically caught my attention. Listen to this great kingdom leader's thoughts about the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Why Donald Trump was a Supernatural Answer to Prayer
11 months ago  -  43 minutes long

In my new book, God and Donald Trump, popular evangelist James Robison explains reasons he believes God elevated Trump to the nation's highest office.

Chuck Pierce: Playing the Trump Card
11 months ago  -  21 minutes long

On May 31, 2008, God told Chuck Pierce that America "must play the Trump card." More than eight years later, Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States, an answer to prayer for many. Chuck and I discuss how this miraculous turn of events came about and what it means for our nation.

Why it's Imperative For Believers to Support the Worldwide Persecuted Church
11 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Here in the 21st century, we are seeing first-century persecution of Christians. The good news is that, here in the 21st century, we are also seeing first-century Christianity. Listen to my interview with Rev. Johnnie Moore, author of The Martyr's Oath, to find out what you can do.

Celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month With Jack Hayford Ministries
11 months ago  -  16 minutes long

Like everyone else, pastors are human and need encouragement. And with their attitude of servitude, pastors should be accorded special treatment. In this episode, Steve talks to his long-time friend, Pastor Jack Hayford, who explains how you can give a special gift to that special servant of God through Jack Hayford Ministries.

Spiritual Attacks Did Not Stop Jonathan Cahn's The Paradigm's Release
11 months ago  -  13 minutes long

Jonathan Cahn's title "The Paradigm," now a New York Times bestseller, brought a personal spiritual attack on him when the book was released. Hear this story and how the message of his book reveals a master blueprint that has been affecting our lives for generations.

Celebrate Yom Kippur By Blessing Israel
11 months ago  -  7 minutes long

Why should we bless Israel as we enter the year 5778? To show love for the Jewish people and to help Jews fulfill their dreams of moving to Israel. Listen as host Steve Strang discusses Yom Kippur, the importance of supporting Israel, and what you can do to give to the Jewish people.

Living Underwater: Chris Maxwell's Inspirational Story
11 months ago  -  11 minutes long

In March 1996, Pastor Chris Maxwell suffered from encephalitis and was told he wouldn't live to continue to preach the gospel. Listen to Steve's interview with Chris about how God miraculously healed him to inspire others whose situation looks hopeless.

The Cunninghams: A Family of Godly Obedience
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

It's no wonder that YWAM Founder Loren Cunningham has devoted his entire life to spreading the gospel of Christ. With his incredible family background, he had little choice but to preach Jesus.

Christian Life Missions: Standing With Those in Need
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Hear about the wonderful and godly efforts of this kingdom fundraising organization and how you can take part in it.

The Nashville Statement
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

The culture in the U.S. has changed to accept sexual sins. Listen as pastor and professor of Biblical Studies at Boyce College Denny Burk explains why pastors gathered together to sign the Nashville Statement, what the statement says, and the impact these pastors hope to have on our culture.

Rick Wiles: The Global Brain
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

TRUNEWS Founder Rick Wiles says the world is undergoing technological changes that most lay people can't fathom. Listen to Wiles' shocking forecast about what's headed our way in the near future and what it means for believers.

Dr. Steve Greene Teaches Leaders to Lead In Love
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

How does a leader lead in love? Gain insights by listening to these love-driven leadership concepts from Dr. Steve Greene, author of the new book, "Love Leads."

What a Catholic Holy Man Prophesied About Donald Trump
1 year ago  -  11 minutes long

In the 1980's there is a story about a Catholic "holy man" named Tom Zimmer, known as the Hermit of Loreto, who prophesied that "Donald Trump would lead America back to God." Hear this unique story now.

Ray Moore Encourages Us to Pray for Our President's Safety
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

What dangers is our president facing? Ray Moore asks Christians to pray for our president's physical and spiritual safety. Join host Steve Strang and guest Ray Moore as they pray on the show today.

The Attack on POTUS Shield
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Why are the media bashing President Trump and his association with Pentecostal leaders? Frank Amedia returns to the show to discuss the issues surrounding this attack and what you can do to stand up against it. Listen now.

Bishop Doug Beacham Discusses What It Means to Be a Pentecostal
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

It means rediscovering holiness. Listen as Bishop Doug Beacham, Jr., superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, shares about going back to Pentecostal roots and to the values of Pentecost.

The Power of the Supernatural with Mike Shreve
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Miracles can happen supernaturally. Listen to author and minister Mike Shreve share stories from being saved to being hit by lighting while preaching in a tent meeting. Be encouraged by the miracles that can only happen supernaturally through God.

Dave Williams Prepares You for Biblical Prophecies Coming to Pass
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Be encouraged and do not fear the last days. Author and minister, Dave Williams, talks prophetic order and what coming events will affect you from his new book "Hope In the Last Day." Then Williams discusses how the last days relate to the recent presidential election.

How One Vision Led to a Worldwide Missions Movement
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Have you received a vision from the Lord? Listen as the founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham, shares how God gave him a vision of waves reaching out to the world leading to the founding of Youth With A Mission. As you hear his story, be encouraged to hold on to the vision and purpose God has given you.

Ray Moore Discusses Why Parents Should Consider Homeschooling
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

What if every church was a school and every parent a teacher? With the public school ideals becoming more progressive, parents are looking for alternatives. Listen as retired Lt. Col. Ray Moore shares how he is making a change in our education system by educating churches and parents with the Exodus Mandate Project.

How You Can Become a Writer with John Eckhardt
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

Many are gifted for writing or have an idea for a book but don't know where to start. Listen as best-selling author Apostle John Eckhardt shares the meaning of an author, how writing leaves a legacy, gives writing tips, and encourages you to chronicle your story or the story of someone who impacted you.

Military Leadership Principles Believers Can Adapt to Their Christian Life
1 year ago  -  10 minutes long

How does military leadership relate to the Christan life? Learn more about how leadership is an art and science as you listen to U.S. Army Col. Evan Trinkle reveal military concepts that relate to Jesus and how He led. Effectively lead your team today.

The POTUS Shield with Frank Amedia
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

What is the POTUS Shield? How does it have a spiritual impact on our country and President Trump? Listen as Frank Amedia shares what this group of leaders is praying to spiritually battle for an awakening of our country.

President Trump Addresses the Nation of Israel on Jerusalem Day
1 year ago  -  8 minutes long

President Trump made history when he traveled to Israel on Jerusalem Day, making him the first U.S. President to include Israel in his first foreign tour. Hear host Steve Strang give his commentary on Trump's speech and encourage you to pray for Israel.

"In Our Hands" Movie Marks 50th Anniversary of 1967 Battle for Jerusalem
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

The brave men of the 55th paratrooper brigade changed the course of history in 1967. Hear Gordon Robertson share about the movie, "In Our Hands," which retells the story of these men and the impact of the Six-Day war. Listen to find out how you can see the movie.

Pray for Our President with Jim Bakker (Part 2)
1 year ago  -  11 minutes long

It is time for the church to pray and have intercession for President Trump. Jim Bakker calls out the church to gather in prayer together for President Trump and discusses how this presidency is being, not only attacked by political sides, but spiritual attacked.

Recent Malware Attack Is a Sign of the End Times according to Jim Bakker (Part 1)
1 year ago  -  26 minutes long

Is the recent scare of a worldwide malware attack, WannaCry, a sign of the release of the White Horse in Revelation? Listen as Jim Bakker shares what the Lord has shown him about this cyber war and how the church needs to stay informed on this important topic.

Loren Cunningham Says Christianity Is Growing Faster Than the World Population
1 year ago  -  11 minutes long

How is Christianity impacting the world? Loren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission, shares what he is seeing around the world regarding the signs of revival and the growth of Christianity. Listen and be blessed.

Repealing the Johnson Amendment Is the First Step Toward Religious Liberty
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

President Trump recently signed an executive order to rescind the Johnson Amendment. Listen as Pastor Jim Garlow shares the significance of this historical event and what more needs to be done to repeal this amendment.

The Next Spiritual Movement with John Eckhardt
1 year ago  -  11 minutes long

A spiritual movement of prophetic worship is arising within the next generation. Be encouraged to know your prayers are being answered as you listen to Apostle John Eckhardt share what he is seeing in the prophetic bringing the youth into the churches to encounter God's glory.

Why Not Talk About the Cost of Medical Coverage?
1 year ago  -  22 minutes long

Government officials and political pundits are talking about healthcare reform, but what they are not talking about are the personal costs of going to a doctor, having a test, and getting a prescription. Listen as host Steve Strang discusses the questions many Americans are asking about medical coverage.

The Impact of Christianity Has Had in Hawaii
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

How did the Hawaiians go from a warring people to the peaceful culture they are now known for? Listen as Steve Strang shares from his recent trip to Hawaii what he learned about its Christian history. Hear stories on the Plymouth Rock of Hawaii, the painted church and how two missionaries brought Hawaiians education and the Word of God.

A Call for Fervent Prayer
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Our problems will not be solved until people's hearts and lives change. Listen as host Steve Strang calls us to pray for a change within ourselves and our society. He shares the parallels of today's social, political, and financial issues with what was happening in the 1960s and 1970s that led to two great revivals. Be inspired and pray today.

Rebuilding the Altar With Pat and Karen Schatzline
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Teach your family to cry out to God again and restore His presence in your home. Listen as authors Pat and Karen Schatzline share the vision God has given them to bring the altar back into churches and homes. Hear what happens when the altar is restored.

YWAM Founder Loren Cunningham Believes a Great Revival Is on Its Way
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Reports are saying fewer people are going to church and fewer revivals are happening. Youth With A Mission founder Loren Cunningham believes otherwise. Listen as he shares what he is seeing in the spirit and how a great revival is on its way.

The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again with Todd Starnes
1 year ago  -  11 minutes long

Fight for your faith and your country by engaging in the culture. Fox News commentator and author of "The Deplorables' Guide to Making America Great Again" Todd Starnes joins the Strang Report to share his thoughts on why Trump won and how you can get involved in your community to change the country for the better.

Talking Faith and Politics with Bob Vander Plaats
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Bob Vander Plaats is President and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER. joins Steve Strang to discuss President Trump, what is happening in today's politics with different world views, and how faith played a role.

Fierce Hope with Savanna Hartman
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Looking toward the world leaves you empty and hopeless reacting out of fear. Listen as speaker and spoken-word poet, Savanna Hartman, shares how you can live out your faith in the chaos around you with her new book 'Fierce Hope.'

Protecting the Under Age from Smut Magazines with Victoria Hearst
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Adult content, lust, and sex reach young girls through Cosmopolitan magazine and many others. Hear how Victoria Hearst is fighting to keep these magazines and their messages out of the view and hands of children. Learn what laws are in your area or state called material harmful to minors laws.

Create An Atmosphere of Worship with Paul Strang
1 year ago  -  12 minutes long

Worship makes an impact. Listen as host Steve Strang invites his brother, Paul, to share family memories setting the stage for their giftings. Paul discusses the importance of engaging people in the power worship and how you can create an atmosphere of worship.

Begin to Engage Again In Our Culture with Billy Hallowell
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

What is causing our culture to move toward a seismic shift? Find out the root cause by listening to author Billy Hallowell share from his new book, 'Fault Line.' Hear how the threat of denying free speech leads to depriving the freedom to choose and how the solution is to engage again in our culture.

Lance Wallnau Says Pray for Milo and Break the Spirit of Leviathan
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

Who is driving liberal activists crazy? It's a young man speaking against the status quo named Milo Yiannopoulos. Hear Lance Wallnau explain why Milo is stirring up controversy in politics and the media. Wallnau calls Christians to pray for Milo and to break the spirit of Leviathan off of America.

Movie Review of The Shack with Dr. Ted Baehr
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

From self-published book to major motion film, 'The Shack' has made an impact on Christians. Listen to this discussion with Dr. Ted Baehr of MOVIEGUIDE on the story of 'The Shack,' the questions about its theology, and how the book and the movie address human emotions, heaven and God.

The Impact of Faith Based Films in Hollywood with Dr. Ted Baehr
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

For more pro-faith movies to be made, Christians have to go see the movies at the box office. Founder and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE, Dr. Ted Baehr, shares the history of Christian movies and ways Christians can support faith-based films.

David Turner Discusses President Donald Trump
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

In August 2016, the Lord spoke to David Turner asking him to pray for then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Listen to Turner talk about how the Holy Spirit will come upon this president. Then be encouraged to receive your healing by hearing the miracles Turner has seen in his ministry.

Norma McCorvey's First Church Experience as a Believer with Jim Garlow
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

During the first half of her life, she was on the wrong side of history. But that changed when she repented of her sins. Listen now as the pastor Jim Garlow shares his experience when Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of the infamous Roe v. Wade abortion case, visited his church.

Love One Another with Alveda King
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

If you want to love you have to give love. Listen as Dr. Alveda King shares with you the importance of connection with the message of Christ. She speaks about love, honoring her family history and what she is doing for women in her ministry.

Honoring Jamie Buckingham: If You Knew You Could Not Fail, What Would You Do?
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Jamie Buckingham is known for his writing and ministry. He influenced the people around him to dream big and have big visions. Listen as host Steve Strang honors Jamie on this 25th anniversary of his death. Enjoy hearing stories of adventures to Israeli and how Jamie was known for plucking feathers.

Making the U.K. and U.S. Relationship Great with Martin Clarke
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

What will happen with the U.S. and U.K relationship now that Trump is in office? Listen in as friend of the show, Martin Clarke, joins Steve Strang to discuss the relationship between these two powerful countries, the impact of their economies and the building of a wall in Mexico.

The Health Risks of Prostate Cancer
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

Celebrating three years of being cancer free, host Steve Strang shares his experience in surviving prostrate cancer. Find out how this slow growing cancer has no symptoms and why it is important to research your options before treatment.

The Book of Mysteries with Jonathan Cahn
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long
What does the Bible say about worship, prayer, habits, and life? Listen to hear ancient mysteries of the Bible revealed as New York Times Best-selling author, Jonathan Cahn, discusses his new book, The Book of Mysteries, with host Steve Strang.
Censuring Christmas with Mat Staver
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Who is taking Charlie Brown and Charles Dickens out of Christmas? The people who are trying to stop the saying "Merry Christmas." Listen as Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, explains how censuring Christmas is not new, but started with communism and a political agenda to undermine religion and morality.

Hope for Haiti with Danita Watts
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Danita's Children is a non profit organization with the intent of rescuing and caring for orphaned children, meeting their needs spiritually, physically, academically, emotionally. Find out how you can give to this ministry and impact the lives of many Haitian children and families.

How Should Christians Respond to This Years Election?
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Larry Tomczak shares practical advice on what the bible is calling us to do to support our new president. Find out how you can be a part of the help on this episode of the Strang Report.

Marilyn Hickey is Reaching Over Millions in Pakistan
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

World renowned evangelist Marilyn Hickey is opening doors to millions in Pakistan. Hear how God is using her to minister to Muslims through crusades and television.

George O. Wood Offers a Grievous Warning All Christians Should Hear
1 year ago  -  19 minutes long

On this episode of the Strang Repot find out where George O. Wood thinks we stand as a country on religious liberty.

Jeremy Wiles Talks About How His Films Are Changing Lives
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Film Producer Jeremy Wiles, known for the Conquer Series, joins Steve Strang in studio to discuss sex addiction and his new movie on pro-life. Don't miss this interview and join the movement to break the chains to pornography.

Did Anthony Weiner Give Trump the Election?
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

When Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal was investigated, it revealed the scandal behind Hillary Clinton's missing emails. Find out how this helped Trump toward winning and how Anthony Weiner is an example of whats to come.

Post Election: God Answered Our Prayers. Now the Work Begins
1 year ago  -  25 minutes long
On November 8th the American people voted Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. Listen as host Steve Strang shares his election-night experience at the Trump Victory Rally commenting on the atmosphere of the crowd, what Christians can learn from this election year and the impact of voting on principle.
Lance Wallnau: What God is saying during the 2016 presidential election
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

As the last week of this year's presidential election comes to a close, a lot of controversy is being exposed. WikiLeaks, investigations and sex scandals, what could God be unraveling? Listen as Lance Wallnau explains how God is working this presidential election in Trump's favor.

Pastor Darrell Scott says it's possible that Trump will win by a landslide and become America's greatest president
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

The FBI has re-opened the investigation on Hillary Clinton, is God's hand on this? Listen to Pastor Darrell Scott share his insights on how he believes Donald Trump will win this years presidential election.

Pastor Darrell Scott tells us what his friend Donald Trump is really like
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Pastor Darrell Scott is very involved in Donald Trump's campaign. Find out from an insider what Donald Trump is really like. Is he really like the media portrays, find out now!

Election Insight with Pastor Frank Amedia
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

Why would God raise up Donald Trump? With all the other candidates, why Trump? Find out on this episode of the Strang Report!

Election Countdown: Nationwide Call for Fasting and Prayer with Pastor Frank Amedia
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Do you have a heart for intercession? Listen to this podcast and find out how you can join other intercessors and stand in the gap for this year's election. Listen to part one and three now!

Pastor Frank Amedia's Prophecy for Donald Trump
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

God gave Pastor Frank Amedia a word to share about this year's election, and what the future holds for Donald Trump. Listen to his prophecy on this episode of the Strang Report. This is the first of three interviews, so stay tuned for more!

Well Versed with Pastor Jim Garlow
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

The Bible talks about all the different issues we will face during this years election. After reading this book you will be ready to make the best decision on poll day. Find out what inspired Pastor Jim Garlow to write his new book "Well Versed." Get the book and be ready for the election.

The Wrecking Ball of Donald Trump with Jim Garlow
1 year ago  -  20 minutes long

There is no right or left decision in this election. You will either vote right or wrong. Listen as Jim Garlow shares his insights on why Donald Trump is the right choice in this election.

If You Are On the Fence Voting For Trump, Hear Jim Garlow Explain Why You Should Vote
1 year ago  -  17 minutes long

Dr. Jim Garlow joins Strang Report to discuss why Trumps' unknowns as a president are better than Hillary's knowns. Listen to how Trump is a man in transition and displays leadership characteristics being teachable, a quick study and showing honor to others.

The Significance of Sukkot and the Eighth Day with Rabbi Charles Kluge
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

How is Sukkot tied to Christ and his Circumcision? Find out on this interview with Rabbi Charles Kluge.

The Promises of God Bible for Creative Journaling with Tessie DeVore
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

When you read your Bible, do you hear the Lord speaking to you? Do you get inspired and like to take notes or journal? Charisma Media is launching their new creative journaling Bilbe. Find out what you can expect in this new Bible with Tessie DeVore.

"Who Am I?" with Mike Shreve
1 year ago  -  13 minutes long

Did you know that there is a boldness that comes when you know the names that God calls you? Join us on this interview with Author Mike Shreve as he shares his inspiration on his new book "Who Am I?" If you are struggling with your identity, then this podcast is for you!

Premarital Sex Rewires the Brain with Jeremy Wiles
1 year ago  -  9 minutes long

Science has proved premarital sex rewires the brain. Listen how you are bonded through the touch of skin proving the scripture of two shall become one. Jeremy Wiles, executive producer and director of the Conquer series, tells the need for the church to sexual sins.

Don't Limit God with Andrew Wommack
1 year ago  -  8 minutes long

Imagination is key in not limiting God in your life. Listen as Andrew Wommack shares how we limit God with our small thinking and teaches you how to picture with your heart what you can't see with your eyes.

Delivered From Satanism with Heath Adamson
1 year ago  -  14 minutes long

Deep in the occult and witchcraft at a young age, Heath Adamson tells his story of freedom from Satanism. Listen to learn that the most relevant form of Christianity, which made an impact in Heath's life to change, was a fellow classmate living out her life for Christ. If you are a parent who needs encouragement about your child, you will not want to miss this testimony and to not discount the power of prayer.

Teen Challenge with Jerry Nance
1 year ago  -  16 minutes long

Jerry Nance has served as the President and CEO of Global Teen Challenge since 2007. Did you know that there are 1.3 million drug abusers in Florida? Find out how you can help this ministry and be inspired by the strongholds that are being broken.

The Biggest Killer of African Americans with Alveda King
1 year ago  -  9 minutes long

Hilary Clinton claims that gun violence is the biggest killer in the African American community, is that true? Listen to this edition of the Strang Report, and hear what Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr. has to say.

God is Raising Up Trump with Lance Wallnau Pt. 2
1 year ago  -  15 minutes long

There is more to know about this years election. "Trump is a prophetic business man." -Lance Wallnau

Listen to Part 2 of this interview where host Steve Strang and guest Lance Wallnau discuss how Trump is being raised up to be like King Cyrus. Do you agree?

God is Raising Up Trump with Lance Wallnau
1 year ago  -  21 minutes long

Lance Wallnau believes God is raising up Donald Trump to be like King Cyrus found un Isaiah 45. Listen to this interview to hear his points. Do you agree?

The Christian Life Trilogy with Rev. Charlie Holt
1 year ago  -  18 minutes long

Started from a word of prophecy, Rev. Charlie Holt is changing how he does church at St. Peters in Lake Mary, Florida, by aligning his message around God's heart for the church. Listen to find out the three areas that make up The Christian Life Trilogy and the life changing impact it is making on individuals and churches.

Leadership Principles with Dr. Charles Kelly
2 years ago  -  8 minutes long

Leadership is not a position, it is influence. Learn from Dr. Charles Kelly principles that you can take to lead those around you.

Superbook with Gordon Robertson
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Superbook is a beloved Christian animated series since 1983. Listen as Gordon Robertson, CEO of The Christian Broadcasting Network and host of "The 700 Club," joins Steve Strang in studio to share how Superbook has been updated and reaching a new generation of children around the world.

When a Nation Forgets God with Bishop Angel Nunez
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Listen to the incredible story of Bishop Angel Nunez. Be encouraged to here his testimony, as well as what he is doing to advance God's Kingdom with his ministry.

Steve Strang's Interview with Trump
2 years ago  -  26 minutes long

How will Trump make America great again? Listen as host Steve Strang was given the opportunity to interview the presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Devastation Hits Baton Rogue with Larry Stockstill
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Listen to Larry Stockstill share the stories of the Baton Rogue flood and how the churches are being affected. Find out how you can support Baton Rogue on this episode of the Strang Report.

Donald Trump is Fulfilling the Idea of Common Grace with Lance Wallnau Part Three
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Theologically, how is Donald Trump fulfilling the idea of common grace? Hear Lance Wallnau explain the concept of common grace and how it pertains to this years election.

How is Donald Trump Like King Cyrus with Lance Wallnau Part Two
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Is Donald Trump being led to be Americas Cyrus? Hear Lance Wallnau explain Isaiah 45 and how it relates to this years election.

Donald Trump is the Wrecking Ball to the Spirit of Political Correctness with Lance Wallnau Part One
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long
Will God now use Donald Trump for His plans and purposes? Hear why we need to back Donald Trump in this years election with Lance Wallnau.
This Years Election with Pastor Jim Garlow
2 years ago  -  22 minutes long

Are you on the fence on who to support this election? Listen to Pastor Jim Garlow share his thoughts on this year's candidates.

Walking in the Spirit with Jennifer LeClaire
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

What does it mean to walk in the Spirit? Jennifer LeClaire, author and senior editor of Charisma magazine, shares how she is teaching others to walk in the Spirit by breaking down barriers and to not be afraid of addressing hot topic issues.

Denominations Can Work Together with Bishop Sam Clements (Pt. 2)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Get to know more about the Church of God of Prophecy with General Overseer Bishop Sam Clements. Hear what happens when our host Steve Strang ask the question, "Will you ever merge with the Church of God."

The Loss of a Child with Bishop Sam Clements (Pt. 1)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

God will intervene in your life, even at your darkest hour. Bishop Sam Clements, General Overseer of the Church of God of Prophecy, shares his story and the pain of losing a child.

Outside the Republican National Convention with Julianne Shinto (Pt. 2)
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Listen to what is happening outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Find out who showed up to show their support, and which group may be causing some trouble.

Inside the Republican National Convention with Julianne Shinto (Pt. 1)
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Find out what is happening inside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. We are with insider Julianne Shinto who is a electoral strategists. Hear what is happening!

Key Points to Consider This Presidential Election with Major James Linzey
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Retired Major James Linzey is a convention surrogate for the Republican National Convention. Find out what a surrogate does, the enthusiasm being received for nominee Donald Trump, and key points to consider when voting.

Steiger with Aaron Pierce (Steiger Pt. 2)
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

What started as a Bible study down by the pier in Amsterdam has turned into a worldwide ministry reaching youth. Hear what Steiger means and what they do in this interview with Aaron Pierce.

Global Youth Culture with Aaron Pierce (Steiger Pt. One)
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Youth around the world share a global youth culture worldview. Aaron Pierce, Executive Director of Steiger, reveals what their belief system is and how you can reach them for Christ.

David Sullivan Is Merging Ministry with Broadcasting
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Doors are opening in closed countries. Hear how Producer of Principles TV, David Sullivan, is reaching out to countries by merging humanitarian work, leadership training and broadcasting.

Helping Prevent Homelessness with Gina Creighton
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

You never know when someone is one paycheck away from homeless. Be moved to help others as Gina Creighton shares how Rescue Outreach Mission is working to prevent homelessness before it happens and gives people who are homeless a return to self-sufficiency.

Matter with Dennis Doyle
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Successful businessman Dennis Doyle is sold out to the Lord. Listen to the story of how this man of God started his ministry in the twin cities of Minnesota.

Bringing Hope to the Twin Cities of Minnesota with Megan Doyle
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Hear how Megan Doyle is diminishing poverty and obesity with her ministry, Matter. Be inspired by the lives that are changing in this interview with host Steve Strang.

The Future of Christian Broadcasting with Leon Shoemann
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

What does the future for Christian Broadcasting look like? Leon Shoemann discusses the trials and tribulations Christian broadcasting faces. Be inspired to hear how the Holy Spirit is working in the television industry despite challenges with host Steve Strang.

Pockets of Happiness with Dr. Alveda King
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., sits with host Steve Strang to share family stories, how Charisma magazine impacted her life, and her new book "King Rules."

Worship Open Doors to Theater with Bishop John Francis
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

When the Lord ask for His people to worship, it opens doors for miracles. Listen as Bishop John Francis recounts how the Lord provided a historical English theater to become a church.

Communications and Journalism with Dr. Will Norton
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

The world of journalism and communications keeps evolving. Hear reflections on this change and how media is giving back to missions in this interview with Dr. Will Norton.

An Invitation to Donald Trump's Evangelical Executive Advisory Board with Tony Suárez
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

What does it mean to be part of Donald Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board? Listen as Pastor Tony Suárez, executive vice president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference/CONEL, shares why he accepted the invitation to join.

Response to U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Immigration with Tony Suárez
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

What does the Supreme Court ruling on Immigration and DAPA mean? Pastor Tony Suárez shares the impact this ruling has made on immigration and what needs to be done to change U.S. immigration laws and systems.

Be Light with Samuel Rodriguez
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

When light stands next to darkness, light always wins. Hear how as Pastor Samuel Rodriquez discusses his new book "Be Light." Begin to push back the darkness.

China's Opening Door with Dennis Balcombe
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Will China's population become majority Christian? Listen as Dennis Balcombe, missionary and founder of Revival Chinese Ministries International, shares how God is moving across China. Be amazed and blessed.

Fulfilling God's Call to Orlando with Josh Turner
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Seek a God-first life. Listen as Josh Tuner, pastor of Celebration Orlando, uses innovation to help people seek God first, understand their unique purpose and reach the unchurched. Be encouraged as he shares his testimony on God's call for his life.

Letter From London on Orlando Massacre
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Listen to this heartfelt letter from London in response to the Orlando Shooting. Host Steve Strang shares what his friend and previous guest, Martin Clarke, wrote on the aftermath of this tragedy.

Supporting God's Word with Colonel David Waddell
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

How do you approach the Queen to dedicate a Bible? Listen how Colonel David Waddell played a part in presenting the MEV Bible to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Revival Is Moving In India with Sam Kumar
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

There is persecution of Christians in India, but God is moving in this country. Listen as Sam Kumar shares how God is opening doors in India and in America.

The Invisible Minority with Herman Martir
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

It's time for the Asian-American majority to speak out. Here how they can impact this election with Herman Martir, senior pastor of the Nations Worship Center in Fort Worth, TX, and president of Asian Action Network and Asian Prayer Network.

Prayer-Reading Will Revolutionize Your Life with Mike Bickle
2 years ago  -  19 minutes long

It's not enough to study the Bible. Find out how talking to God while studying will change how you pray in this interview with Mike Bickle.

Special Report: A Christian Response in the Midst of the Orlando Massacre
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

How can Christians respond to the Orlando shooting? Listen to this special report as host Steve Strang reflects on the impact of the shooting.

Igniting a Generation in 24 Hour Prayer with Mike Bickle
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Discover how the founder of IHOP, Mike Bickle, started as a medical student then followed the call of God on his life to start a 24 hour prayer room. This interview will stir the calling God has on your heart and life.

The Charisma Podcast Network Celebrates One Year
2 years ago  -  20 minutes long

We want to thank our listeners and encourage you to help us spread the love and truth of Christ. Executive producer Dr. Steve Greene joins host Steve Strang to share how the network started as an idea, and how it has grown to over 800,000 downloads.

Revitalizing the Church with Ed Garvin
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

How can a church be planted without revitalization first? Pastor Ed Garvin discusses how important it is to revitalize the church, to value people over programs and three principles of leadership for growth.

How to Show Love to Muslims with Gordon Hickson
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long
Christians should not be afraid of Muslims. Learn how you can overcome your fears as Gordon Hickson shares the key to ministering to Muslims; love and unity in prayer. Tune in now.
Once-Thriving Calvary Assembly Finds Revitalization Under New Pastor
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Calvary Assembly in Winter Park, Florida was one of the largest churches in the 1970's and where Charisma magazine started. Sadly, Calvary Assembly has experienced many problems in the past few decades, yet there is good news! Listen to find out how Pastor Ed Garvin has brought healing through the process of revitalization.

The Armageddon Code with Billy Hallowell Part 1
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Do you get confused about the end-times? In his new book, "The Armageddon Code," Billy Hallowell shares how he went on a quest for End-Times answers. Listen to how he took a journalist objective by interviewing various leading voices in Christian ministry about the last days.

What People Believe About the Rapture with Billy Hallowell Part 2
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

When researching and interviewing pastors for his new book, "The Armageddon Code," author and journalist Billy Hallowell found various results on what type of rapture people believed in. Hear what people are believing and discussing in the in the pews now.

Jan Crouch Leaves a Great Legacy in Broadcasting
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Jan Crouch left a mark on Christian television that will long be remembered. Join our host Steve Strang as he honors Jan in this special Strang Report.

The Lord's Favor On Trump with Frank Amedia
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

Only God can use imperfect people to do His will. Frank Amedia shares how he received a word from God that Donald Trump would receive the Republican nomination and he is being raised up with a breaker anointing.

Trump and the Hispanic Vote with Mario Bramnick
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Will Trump receive support from the Hispanic Christian Community? Listen as Mario Bramnick shares what happened when he joined 5 other pastors for a meeting with Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

From Broken to Daughter of Destiny with Shaneen Clarke
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Engaged at the age of fourteen to be married at sixteen, Shaneen Clarke wanted more than her traditional Indian culture's practices. Hear her amazing story of how an encounter with the Holy Spirit changed her life.

Significance of the Modern English Version Dedication with Martin Clarke
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

What is the benefit of dedicating the MEV to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II? Listen to find out when Martin Clarke shares his story of helping bring together the dedication and how it correlates with the Mayflower's 400th anniversary.

High Tea at The Ritz
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Share in the celebration of the dedication of the Modern English Bible Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Listen as our host, Steve Strang, recounts the high tea given at The Ritz in London.

How the Modern English Version Was Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

As was the original King James Version was dedicated to King James, the Modern English Version is dedicated to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Hear how this new translation was presented at a special event at Windsor Castle in St. George's Chapel.

Live in the Spirit
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Live in the power of the Holy Spirit even while you work in the marketplace. Hear host Steve Strang call for you to walk in the Spirit daily, as he shares his story and what inspires him to walk in the spirit in all areas of life.

Empowered 21 London: The Global Spirit-Empowered Movement
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

With over 660 million people around the world who have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, a group of diverse pastors and leaders began a Spirit-led movement. Listen to their inspiring vision for every person on earth to have an authentic encounter with Jesus Christ. Will you be one of them?

Tent on the Green at Winchester Cathedral with Steve Abley
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Tent on the Green is a special event held on the green of Winchester Cathedral in England. Hear how Steve Abley was given a dream to bring different groups of Christians together that ended up remolding the Church.

Scholarship and Pentecostals with Vinson Synan
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Reporting from the Empowered 21 conference in London, England, scholar and author Vinson Synan shares with you the latest in the Pentecostal movement. Hear how explosions schools and scholarships are growing around the world.

Is Donald Trump America's Cyrus? with Lance Wallnau
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Donald Trump has become the wrecking ball of political correctness. Hear how God showed Lance Wallnau that Trump could be America's Cyrus, God's anointed one.

Spiritual Movement in the UK with Steven Halford
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Be encouraged to know God is moving through the UK. Hear how in this interview with Steven Halford of Gospel Fire.

Quality Control in Ministry with Dr. Mark Rutland
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

What is quality in a ministry? Listen as Dr. Mark Rutland shares how quality is meeting expectations and how to communicate your expectations as a leader.

How Faith and Virtue Affect Your Health Dr. Max Fleury
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Your faith and the practices you hold can determine if you have a healthy lifestyle. Listen in as Dr. Max Fleury shares the difference between and extrinsic spirituality and an intrinsic spirituality.

What Happens in Your Brain When You Pray? with Dr. Max Fleury
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

There is a connection between your brain and prayer. Hear author of The Faith Link, Dr. Max Fleury, and share scientific proof that your belief determines your health.

Movie Review of God's Not Dead 2 with Steve Strang
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Go out and support the new movie God's Not Dead 2. Hear why now as host Steve Strang reviews the movie and tells how it made a personal impact. It may do the same for you.

Bullseye Challenge with Larry Tomczak
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

You can change our culture. Hear how you can take the 30-day Bullseye Challenge with Larry Tomczak to know how to respond to controversy's in our country.

Pastor Protection Act with Florida State Representative Scott Plakon
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Florida just passed the Pastor Protection Act. Find out what this act means for the Christian community and how Florida is making strides to protect religious freedom with special in-studio guest Florida State Representative Scott Plakon.

How to Have Faith to Get Out of the Boat with Troy Duhon
2 years ago  -  7 minutes long

What has God placed in your heart for you to do for Him? Are you struggling to get out of the boat and follow His lead? Learn how to keep your eyes on Jesus within this special interview with Tory Duhon, executive producer of "God's Not Dead" and "God's Not Dead 2."

God's Not Dead 2 with Troy Duhon
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

What is happening in our public schools? You will find out when you hear how the movie "God's Not Dead 2" reflects the Christian persecution facing our teachers and students. Listen now to this special interview with Executive Producer Troy Duhon, who shares about the movie and behind the scenes.

God's Not Dead with Troy Duhon
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Be encouraged today to stand up for your faith with this special interview with Troy Duhon, executive producer of the successful movie "God's Not Dead." Find out how God's hand was on this project from the beginning and made possible through a car salesman.

Know How to Dream Dreams with Al Hollingsworth
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

As you get older you sometimes give up on your dreams. Be encouraged today by entrepreneur Al Hollingsworth and his story on how God gave him a big idea when most people slowdown in life. You will be inspired to know God is not done with you yet.

Two Commandments of the New Covenant with Mike Shreve
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Revolutionize your relationship with God today. You do not want to miss this interview with best-selling author Mike Shreve and his teaching on the two commandments of the New Covenant and the two powerful verses.

Behind the Scenes of International House of Prayer with Diane Bickle
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Have you ever wonder what goes on behind the church scenes of a mega ministry or 24 hour prayer room? Now you can with this special interview with Diane Bickle, wife of International House of Prayer, KC founder Mike Bickle. You will be encouraged and get ideas on what you can do to support your ministries.

Coming Back to Yeshua with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

The Jewish people are coming to Messiah. Rabbi and New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn joins Steve in studio to talk about how the Jewish people and the Church prophetic return to Israel. You will be blessed with this discussion on the Messianic movement and how Jews and Gentiles are coming together.

How the Jewish People are Seeking Yeshua with Rabbi Dr. Charlie Kluge
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

What is Messianic Judaism? Listen to Rabbi, Dr. Charlie Kluge, as he shares the supernatural events of how the Jewish people are searching and coming to Yeshua. You will be encouraged to hear how the Lord is God.

Fitness Evaluation with Blake Lavender
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Find out how you can improve your overall fitness and health. Hear these basic fitness and exercise tips from personal trainer Blake Lavender. Find your purpose and why to make a big difference in your life.

Enjoyable Prayer with Mike Bickle
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

How often do you pray? Is it enjoyable? Listen to author Mike Bickle, pastor of International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO, share how he started a 24/7 prayer that is now spreading around the world. Hear how you can enjoy prayer and make an impact on your church, city and sphere of influence through prayer.

Holiness, Truth and the Presence of God with Francis Frangipane
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Church sermons have become a mask people put on when they walk through the building. Hear how to de-mask and break through to the presence of God with author Francis Frangipane. You will learn out of the heart is who we really are and what is the sum of all of God's attributes.

God's End-Time Calendar with Rod Parsley
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

How are current events related to God's Calendar? Pastor Rod Parsley joins Steve Strang to discuss his new book "God's End-Time Calendar" to share God's alarm clock to wake us up and lead us into celebration with a year of Jubilee. Hear how things that were lost will be returned.

The Need for Spiritual Awakening in America - Part 4 of Ted Cruz Interview
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Senator Ted Cruz gets fired up on what he believes is the Spiritual Awakening needed in America. Listen now.

How Faith Shaped Ted Cruz's Worldview - Part 3 of Ted Cruz Interview
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Senator Ted Cruz shares how being a preacher's son, shaped his belief in God and his worldview. Cruz tells some personal story and about the people who have impacted his faith.

What Will the U.S. Look Like After a Cruz Presidency? - Part 2 of Ted Cruz Interview
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

If Ted Cruz is elected president, what will the U.S. be like after the year 2020 or 2024? Listen now to find out what Senator Ted Cruz shared with our host Steve Strang. Cruz tells the first five things he will do when elected.

Why Ted Cruz Wants to Be President - Exclusive with Ted Cruz Pt. 1
2 years ago  -  7 minutes long

Are you an undecided voter? Hear this exclusive Strang Report interview Senator Ted Cruz. In part one of this four part interview, you will learn why Cruz wants to be president and the challenges he sees our country facing.

Political Networking
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

It all started in 1987. Hear Steve Strang share how he was invited to a political networking meeting with former President George H. W. Busch, who was Vice President at the time. This meeting started a passion within Strang to inform the Christian community the importance of voting.

The Importance of the 2016 Presidential Election
2 years ago  -  17 minutes long

What do you think about this year's election and candidates? Listen to why this election will impact our country and the Christian faith. Steve Strang discusses the candidates, upcoming primary and our freedoms we are losing. You will want to go out and vote.

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with Dr. Alveda King
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

You may know how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pioneer in the Civil Rights movement, but you may not know he was a pastor. Hear in this special interview with Dr. King's niece Dr. Alveda King about how her uncle was special and a mighty man of God.

Mysteries of the Shemitah with Jonathan Cahn
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Learn what the Shemitah means for you, today's economy and the world. New York Times best-selling author of "The Harbinger," Jonathan Cahn, joins Steve Strang in studio to discuss his recent best seller "The Mystery of the Shemitah."

Your Body is the Temple
2 years ago  -  15 minutes long

Discipline yourself in 2016 to take care of your health and body with these easy five tips from Steve Strang. Steve shares his personal health experiences with being healed from cancer and how you can stay healthy too. Learn the importance of fasting and how keeping your body healthy is another way to glorify God.

The Prophetic Significance of the Number 40
2 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Best-selling author Mike Shreve joins Strang Report in this special interview to share what God has given him about the significance of the number 40 and how it reflects the 40th Anniversary of "Charisma" magazine.

How You Can Impact Ministries Through Giving
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Learn how you can make a difference in the lives of others just by being a giver. Steve Strang with in studio guest Lisa Dean share how Christian Life Missions is making an impact in helping other ministries succeed in reaching people for God's Kingdom. Hear about the Mordecai Project, Give Away the Word and Alveda King's ministry.

Celebrating the Meaning of Christmas
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

Find out what the meaning of the incarnation of Christ means, plus the liturgical viewpoint of Christmas. Archbishop Russell McClanahan of the Evangelical Episcopal Church joins the Strang Report to discuss the history and background of Jesus's birth.

Avoid Holiday Stress
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

How do you handle stress during the Christmas season? Dr. Stephen Galloza joins the show to discuss holiday stress and how you can avoid it to enjoy family, friends and to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Exclusive: Remembering San Bernardino Victim Nicholas Thalasinos
2 years ago  -  22 minutes long

Who would have thought a simple Christmas party would turn into a massacre. In this exclusive interview with Pastor Bruce Dowell of Shiloh Messianic Congregation, you will hear his story of what happened in San Bernardino on December 2 when his congregation member Nicholas Thalasinos lost his life.

Desires of a Leader with Russell Verhey
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Recognize your desires and the heart of your calling to lead. Russell Verhey joins Strang Report to talk about leadership and what drives a leader.

Emotional Fitness with Dr. Doug Weiss
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Learn how to manage your feelings in the feeling state with Dr. Doug Weiss. You will be able to identify, understand and communicate you feelings effectively.

Attitude of Gratitude
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Dr. Stephen Galloza shares with you the health benefits of gratitude in this special episode. You will learn different ways on how you can incorporate an attitude of gratitude in you everyday life, not just on Thanksgiving.

Lust Free Living with Dr. Doug Weiss
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

You can overcome lust. Dr. Doug Weiss teaches you the principles of freedom from lust. Hear how men can rise up and be strong, while Women will be encouraged in the knowledge of how they are mad Holy.

Finding the Holy Spirit Within Victoria Falls
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Gary Carnahan shares how God's creation of Victoria Falls located in Livingstone, Africa, can impact the power and presence of God in our lives.

Jim Bakker Has the Heart of a Changed Man
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

There is only one Jim Bakker. In this show, Jim opens up to discuss his career, Lori's house and his passion for America. Be open to hear how his life is an example of how God is a God of second chances.

After 30 Years, Cindy Jacobs' Impactful Prophetic Gift Marches On
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Cindy Jacobs is celebrates 30 years in ministry. She shares information on different prophetic awakenings happening around the world and is calling for a prophetic army to see America lit up with by putting together prayer walks around our the nation.

More Faith
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Challenge yourself to use faith. Steve Strang teaches you how to exercise your faith and encourages you to believe for God, above all else, to move the mountains in your life.

Moving to the Next Level
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Improve your life and move forward in your career with six focus areas from goal setting to having more faith. Hear additional concepts for each area that help lead you to do more than you think you can.

How God is Out Pouring His Love in a Special Way
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Leif Hetland, founder of Global Mission Awareness, shares his personal story of being an actor to how he finds God's Love. Leif tells how you can ask, experience, believe and receive love from Poppa God.

The Business of Media: How People Can Use It for Christ
2 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Learn and understand the impact of media with a focus on radio and TV. Hear Ben Ferrell of BMCFerrell share how people can use it as a tool to spread the message of Christ.

Improve Your Marriage
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Counselor and author Dr. Douglas Weiss shares the secrets to improving and creating a servant marriage. Hear now how God made the foundations of marriage with Adam and Eve and receive more information on Weiss's new book Servant Marriage.

Andre Walker Exemplifies American Entrepreneurship
2 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Andre Walker, president for Sports Science System, tells his story of how he overcame the odds to become a successful business leader. He will encourage you to lean on God and gives inspiration to the next generation.

What Makes a Church Grow in America Today?
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Hear Rick Bezet, founder and lead pastor of New Life Church in Conway, Arizona, discuss church growth in America and why some churches are growing while others are declining.

Convene, Connect and Commission Today's Leaders
2 years ago  -  8 minutes long

Hear how David Shibley is training up today's leaders and bringing them together to carry out the Great commission. Listen to how his ministry is celebrating 25 years and giving back to younger generations.

What is the State of Cancer in Our Culture?
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Find out why there is so much caner in our world today. Hear what is the leading cause and steps toward prevention. Listen to Dr. Francisco Contreras, a leading expert in the field and serves as director, president and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital.

How America exchanged gods for God
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Now is the time for the church be leaders again in our country. Hear from Joseph Mattera on how it starts with training our children and begin to serve our communities.

Holy Land Missions: Arabs for Jesus Who Are Ministering to the Palestinian People
2 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Find out how Holy Land Missions is reaching across Israel ministering to a hurting nation and the Palestinian people. Hear Pastor Steve Khoury share his personal journey and discusses the relationship between Israeli and Palestinians with host Steve Strang.

Jamie Buckingham's Service to the Lord Continues to Impact New Generations
2 years ago  -  16 minutes long

Jamie Buckingham made an impact on the Christian community through his writings, books, journalism and personal ministry. His son, Bruce Buckingham, joins Steve in the studio to share his father's legacy and how it continues today in Jamie's writings and teachings.

Special Bulletin: Give Away the Word
2 years ago  -  12 minutes long

You can help over 1 million people receive a Bible. Join Steve Strang and Christian Life Missions campaign Give Away the Word. Listen to find out how now.

Pat Robertson Talks Culture Wars
2 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Enjoy listening Pat Robertson share how the culture wars effect you and what can happen if Christians don't take a stand.

Pat Robertson's Impact on the World through CBN and Regent University
2 years ago  -  9 minutes long

Be encouraged when you hear how Pat Robertson is making an impact for God through his legacy of CBN television network and the continuous success of Regent University. Listen now to part 3 of this 4 part interview series.

The Law of Use: Pat Robertson Talks Economy (Part 2 of 4)
3 years ago  -  6 minutes long

Pat Robertson discusses what you need to know is happening in our economy now. He shares the Law of Use from his new book The Secret Kingdom.

Pat Robertson Shares How the World Works (Part 1 of 4)
3 years ago  -  5 minutes long

Pat Robertson tells how God gave him an understanding on how Jesus described the laws that control the universe. He shares with Steve in this 4 part interview how this inspired his book The Secret Kingdom.

The Catholic Experience with the Holy Spirit
3 years ago  -  8 minutes long
Hear how the Catholic Charismatic Renewal started and expanded World Wide. Listen as Steve shares the impact this movement made on the Pentecostal movement.
The Messianic Jewish Movement
3 years ago  -  7 minutes long

Listen as Steve Strang shares his experiences on reporting the history and importance of the Messianic Jewish movement. Hear his story now.

Kathryn Kuhlman - A Woman Who Walked in God's Presence
3 years ago  -  10 minutes long

Hear Steve Strang share his experience and stories of healing when he interviewed Kathryn Kulman. Listen to how her presence in person was just as strong in the move of the Spirit as on stage.

Oral Roberts - A Great Man of God
3 years ago  -  7 minutes long

Listen as Steve Strang shares his memories of Oral Roberts, a great man of God who reached millions for Christ through evangelism, healing ministry, television, and reaches future generations to come through Oral Roberts University.

On the Mission Field with Kenneth Copeland
3 years ago  -  11 minutes long

Hear Steve Strang share his story when met and interviewed Kenneth Copeland, as we celebrate Charisma magazine's 40th Anniversary.

The Role of Journalism in the Charismatic Movement
3 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Listen as Steve Strang shares his story as a young journalist who decided the best way for him to serve the Lord was to start Charisma magazine. Listen to this special interview by Dr. Steve Greene as he honors Steve Strang in celebrating Charisma's 40th anniversary.

Miracles Happening In Hollywood - Interview with Dr. Ted Baehr
3 years ago  -  14 minutes long

Listen as Steve Strang talks with Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide, as well as chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission. Dr. Baehr shares his story on faith and the impact Christians are making in Hollywood.

The Responsibility of the Church in Today's Culture - Interview with Dr. Michael Brown
3 years ago  -  14 minutes long

The Gospel impacts every area of life. Listen as host Steve Strang interviews author and Charisma News commentator Dr. Michael Brown, and learn what the responsibility of the church is in today's culture.

Special Bulletin from Strang Report: Charisma's 40th Anniversary
3 years ago  -  13 minutes long

August is the 40th anniversary celebration of Charisma magazine. Listen as Steve Strang, CEO and founder, shares his story on the vision God gave him and how you can engage with Steve to help celebrate.

How the Economy Affects Christians - Special Interview with Jerry Tuma
3 years ago  -  13 minutes long

Learn how today's economy impacts Christians. Listen to this special interview with Steve Strang, CEO and founder of Charisma Media, and Jerry Tuma, president of Cornerstone Financial Services and author of From Boom to Bust.

Charisma Caucus - Where Faith and Politics Meet
3 years ago  -  20 minutes long

Listen as Steve Strang, founding editor and publisher of Charisma magazine shares his vision on launching the new political website Charisma Caucus.

Special Bulletin from Strang Report: Comments on Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage
3 years ago  -  4 minutes long

Listen as host Steve Strang shares comments on the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage.

Evidence the Holy Spirit is Alive and Well
3 years ago  -  18 minutes long

Hear what God is doing in Israeli. Steve Strang recounts his experiences at the Jerusalem 2015 sponsored by Empowered21. Listen as he shares how the Holy Spirit moved through prayer.

Calling All Pastors - Our Nation's Future is Now
3 years ago  -  13 minutes long

What you think is coming to America is happening right now! Find out why Pastor Jim Garlow is bringing together America's pastors to discuss the issues of today and how you can get involved. Steve Strang shares his support for Garlow and announces Charisma Caucus, the political site where faith and politics meet.

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