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Become a woman of influence by understanding how God has empowered and equipped you to become all He has created you to be. Listen each week as Tammy Hotsenpiller coaches and educates women to skip the drama and jump into the future.

Tam Talks Women in Leadership with Mayor of Compton Aja Brown

10 days ago  -  14 minutes long

What happens when you follow the call to help a city? Listen as Mayor of Compton, California, Aja Brown tells her story of the Lord drawing her to Compton. Hear how God opens doors of opportunity when you have the courage to obey Him.

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Tam Talks Women in Leadership with Havilah Cunnington
20 hours ago  -  21 minutes long

What is spiritual warfare? It is kingdom driven to defeat the enemy from blinding you from what God is doing in your life. Listen as author Havilah Cunnington breaks down spiritual warfare. She says how we all have areas of battle and you have to go back to understanding free will. Hear how uncomplicated spiritual warfare can be.

Tam Talks Women in Leadership with Holly Wagner
3 days ago  -  15 minutes long

You are created to be a woman of influence. Listen as pastor and author Holly Wagner shares her story about how she believes influence is based on choices. She explains women today play a crucial role in our world and there is no such thing as balance between work, life, and faith.

Tam Talks Women in Leadership with Retah McPherson
7 days ago  -  13 minutes long

A woman who walks in truth is one who leads. Listen as Tammy interviews author and speaker Retah McPherson on empowering women to become influencers. Retah shares how important the role of character and truth play as it did in the lives of Deborah, Ruth, and Ester. She says the biggest risk you can take is being transparent and honest with God.

Tam Talks Women in Leadership with Dr. Alicia Chole
14 days ago  -  14 minutes long

Dr. Alicia Chole refines the role of women in leadership as a lover of Jesus. See yourself as God's art. Hear how your influence begins with internal authority that grows with a whisper.

Tam Talks: Storytelling with Dr. Steve Greene
17 days ago  -  23 minutes long

Tammy talks today with Dr. Steve Greene, executive vice president of Charisma Media about helping women tell their story. She reveals her own story of how God has led her to help women become influencers in their homes, communities, and businesses.

Uncover how you can seek the new opportunities God has for you, speak words of life, and help a friend by telling your story.

Tam Talks: Fasting
21 days ago  -  16 minutes long

Open the key to failed areas of prayer in your life by the power of fasting. If you have never tried a fast or don't fully understand its true purpose then listen as Tammy tells about what happened when she first exercised fasting. After you hear this teaching, be empowered as a woman of influence to step into God's Word and seek Him to know if you should fast to see a supernatural work in your life.

Tam Talks: Prayer for Increase - How to Pray for God's Favor
24 days ago  -  19 minutes long

What do you want your future to look like? The foundation of increase starts with FAITH, We declare that our DESTINY is in God's hands, and we declare that we will TRUST in the Lord for our will, our intellect and our emotions. We declare we have AUTHORITY over demonic forces. We declare our loved ones, FAMILY. We declare we will have healthy RELATIONSHIPS. Listen to begin praying today.

Tam Talks with Holly Wagner
27 days ago  -  24 minutes long

Holly Wagner is an author, international speaker, and the co-pastor of Oasis Church in Los Angeles, where she has served with her husband for more than 30 years. Holly will be one of the speakers at Tammy's Love Holds conference February 2-3. Be inspired by the story of this woman of influence when you listen today.

Tam Talks: IF - Part 2
28 days ago  -  15 minutes long

"If" is a choice you make every day. Listen to part 2 as Tammy talks about the process of letting go. Learn and apply the acronym GRIP:

G - guilt

R - routine

I - insecurity

P - power (on your own)

Tam Talks: IF - Part 1
1 month ago  -  19 minutes long

What Does It Mean To Be In Christ? Listen as Tammy shares you are invited to walk with being a creature in Christ means the old has passed and God has new for you. As a woman of influence begins by letting go of the old and receive the new opportunities God has for you.

Tam Talks: Love Holds 4 of 4
1 month ago  -  15 minutes long

Understand love in your marriage. Listen to part 4 of the Love Holds series and take the coaching assignment:

How to Work on Your Marriage

  1. Communicate throughout the day.
  2. Say thank you and I love you.
  3. Brag on them in public.
  4. Listen with both ears.
  5. Praying together.
Tam Talks: Love Holds - Part 3 of 4
1 month ago  -  16 minutes long

Friendships are either acquaintances, colleagues, close friends, or best friends. Tammy's coaching exercise is:

  1. Forgive when you have been wronged
  2. Be available when needed
  3. Don't Gossip
  4. Accept their flaws
  5. Value and respect one another

Continue growing in love by listening to part 3 of the Love Holds series.

Tam Talks: Love Holds - Part 2 of 4
1 month ago  -  18 minutes long

What is an important part of love holds? Family!

Listen to the 5 Steps in family dynamics:

  • Love them for who they are
  • Communicate often, be approachable and listen
  • Set up healthy boundaries
  • Lighten up
  • Give grace

Continue growing as a woman of influence with part 2 in the Love Holds series.

Tam Talks: Love Holds - Part 1 of 4
1 month ago  -  20 minutes long

The value of love 4 part series focuses on God, Family, Friends, and Relationships. Listen to this episode on how:

  • God will never leave you
  • God is not mad at you
  • God will carry you when you fall
  • God's love never runs out
  • Simply receive the love of God
Tam Talks: 10 Ways To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet - Part 2
1 month ago  -  22 minutes long

Following up from part 1 of this series, Host Tammy Hotsenpiller walks you through yet five more steps that will enhance this upcoming year to be your best yet in service to the Lord.

Tam Talks: 10 Ways To Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet - Part 1
1 month ago  -  21 minutes long

It is prophetically and biblically a new year for you. Host Tammy Hotsenpiller wants you to realize it's a year for new beginnings so you can experience the best year of your life in your service to God.

Tam Talks Prayer Walk/Throne Run Part 2
1 month ago  -  17 minutes long

As Tammy Hotsenpiller once discovered, Holy Spirit desires us to come up to the heavenly places and to see what He sees. Tammy says there are some things we need to do to make that happen.

Tam Talks - What is a Prayer Walk? Part 1
1 month ago  -  21 minutes long

Host Tammy Hotsenpiller says she has always craved prayer in her life. But, when she started walking and praying at the same time, the Holy Spirit opened up a whole new world to her. Listen and find out how her life was transformed.

Tam Talks - Holistic Health
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Tammy will be talking today about our responsibility and our stewardship with our Tri-part being; that we are personal unity. Tammy talks about the physical, emotional and spiritual components of personal unity.

Tam Talks - Legacy
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

What legacy are you leaving in your life to your children, your friends or your staff? There are 5 simple ways to leave a legacy.

  1. Simply smile
  2. Share Solutions, not just problems
  3. Give more than you receive
  4. Demonstrate God's love
  5. Create memories out of the life that you live
Tam Talks: Are You Ready for Christmas?
2 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Worship is a part of Christmas. Sing along with a Christmas melody. Listen and let the Holy Spirit minister to you today and pay it forward to bless others this Christmas.

Tam Talks - Taste of Humanity
2 months ago  -  14 minutes long

Tammy's story sitting in Manhattan. Tammy saw the windows of the world and out of this came a book called Taste of Humanity. God wrecked her world. Listen to see what happened.

Tam Talks - Thanksgiving: Learn To Have An Attitude Of Gratitude Year Round
2 months ago  -  16 minutes long

What do gratitude and thanksgiving do for you? Tammy Hotsenpiller has 5 tips.
1. Gratitude improves our physical health
2. Gratitude improves psychological health
3. Gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression
4. Grateful people sleep better
5. Gratitude increases mental strength

Tam Talks: 10 Steps to Take When Under Spiritual Attack Part 2
2 months ago  -  14 minutes long

You have power over the enemy to be victorious. Continue growing stronger to battle spiritual attacks by learning these last five steps. Learn to:

6. Fill your mind with Truth

7. Memorize Scripture

8. This is just a season

9. Don't give enemy space in your head or behavior

10. Get enough rest and exercise

Tam Talks: 10 Steps to Take When Under Spiritual Attack Part 1
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Women are under spiritual attack as never before. Listen as Tammy shares the first five steps to take when the enemy wants to take you out. Learn to:

  1. Remember who your enemy is and who he is not
  2. Prayer Walk
  3. Fast
  4. Get council from reliable source
  5. Read the Word of God
The Influence of Love Within a Relationship with John Bevere
2 months ago  -  16 minutes long

If you are in a relationship, ask God to teach you how to love. Listen to this interview with host Tammy and guest John Bevere to hear how the love of a husband reflects the love of Christ.

Making a Difference in the Culture
2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Pastor Banning Liebscher and his wife, Seajay, are making a difference in the culture. Listen to Tammy's heartfelt interview with Pastor Liebscher and what he and Seajay are doing at Jesus Culture church in Sacramento, California.

Influence in the Prophetic with Shawn Bolz
2 months ago  -  21 minutes long

How do you know the voice the of the Holy Spirit of God? Listen as Tammy Hotsenpiller speaks with Shawn Bolz on the voice of the Holy Spirit and understanding the heart of the father. You will want to start walking supernaturally with God as a woman of influence.

Speak to Me - Part 2
3 months ago  -  26 minutes long

At Influence Church Breathe Prophetic Conference Tammy Hotsenpiller shares on how we enter into Communion with the Father. How do you know it's the voice of God?

Speak to Me - Part 1
3 months ago  -  21 minutes long

At Influence Church Breathe Prophetic Conference Tammy Hotsenpiller shares on how we enter into Communion with the Father. How do you know it's the voice of God?

Discover Your Destiny - Part 2
3 months ago  -  17 minutes long

A recipe for DESTINY. Let's look at the recipe for destiny:

Dreams - What you want to do

Events - Opportunities that come your way

Spiritual Gifts - God-given traits that are supernatural

Thoughts - A positive mindset and belief in the outcome

Interest - Things you are attracted to

Niche - Abilities that you uniquely possess

Yield - Trusting that God is in control of your future

Discover Your Destiny - Part 1
3 months ago  -  18 minutes long

A Woman of Influence discovers that her talents, abilities, desires, and opportunities are all woven together in the predestined plan of God: His destiny for her. The definition of destiny is the inevitable or necessary fate to which a particular person or thing is destined; one's lot.

Embrace Your Identity - Part 2
3 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Tammy creates an assessment that will help you begin to understand and embrace who you truly are, as well as how to understand the traits, behaviors, and reactions of family members, friends, and colleagues. Women will never understand who we are until we understand who we are in Christ. It is not what I do but what I become.

Embrace Your Identity - Part 1
3 months ago  -  19 minutes long

A Woman of Influence understands her physical identity, which is a product of her experiences and personalities, and her spiritual identity, which comes from her relationship with Christ. The definition of identity is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual.

Recognize Your Worth - Part 2
3 months ago  -  19 minutes long

What are the keys to finding your worth? 1. Believe the God of the Universe Loves You. 2. Believe You Have Something to Offer. 3. Stop Looking Elsewhere. 4. Stay Focused on the Truth. As a life coach Tammy has created a Life Map which walks you through your life story. It is a map which helps you to meet and love yourself. It provides a visual model of your life experience.

Recognize Your Worth - Part 1
4 months ago  -  18 minutes long

A Woman of Influence recognizes her worth and value. She has been bought with the price of God. The definition of worth is a quality that renders something desirable, useful, or valuable; quality that commands esteem or respect. YOU ARE LOVED! Remember a Woman of Influence recognizes that her value doesn't come from any single person; her worth is foremost in God's eyes, and His opinion is the only one that truly counts.

Enjoy the Journey, Part 2
4 months ago  -  21 minutes long

Tammy teaches on her coaching concept called "The Present is Perfect." There are 3 mind zones. The Past, the Present, and The Future. This applies to our life journeys because being stuck in the memories of the past or fixating on details for the future prevent us from being still and knowing He is God.

Enjoy the Journey, Part 1
4 months ago  -  20 minutes long

A Woman of Influence learns to embrace each day to the fullest, living in the present rather than dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. The definition of enjoy is to receive pleasure or satisfaction from; to have the use or benefit of. Tammy will be talking about the story of Ruth and Naomi. They faced difficult decisions to survive. God truly provided. When you embrace the journey, God directs your steps. God has a field for you to glean in.

Exercise Faith, Part 2
4 months ago  -  17 minutes long

Remember the story in the bible of two sisters, Mary and Martha, who questioned God's timing in their lives? Once you have exhausted all your reasoning, you simply step into the realm of faith with the Father, letting go of all your assumptions and trusting God's perfect plan for your life. It is not enough to see a miracle you have to experience a miracle. Tammy coaches you through the steps of faith. 1. Know your needs, 2. Believe in an answer, 3. Let go of why 4. See the other side, 5. Step into the Divine. Jesus meets us when we are ready, and He knows just when that is.

Exercise Faith, Part 1
4 months ago  -  17 minutes long

A Woman of influence must exercise her faith and trust in God's plan and timing to see her dreams and ideas become reality. The definition of faith is believe that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence; the theological virtue defined as secure belief in God and a trusting acceptance of God's will. Hebrews 11:1 says that now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Tammy has a story where she really had to exercise her faith. Don't miss this faith story.

Prophetic Conference 2017 | Influence Church
4 months ago  -  20 minutes long

Join us October 20th through October 22nd for our BREATHE Prophetic Conference with special guests John Bevere, Shawn Bolz, Banning Liebscher, Pastors Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller, and Elizabeth Resigner. Concert October 22nd with Kim Walker-Smith; worship by Influence Music. Hear why you should attend by listening now.

Have a Plan - Part 2
4 months ago  -  18 minutes long

This is a coaching session today. Are you ready? #1. Write it down, #2. Try it on, #3. Ask around, #4 Create your focus card.

Have a Plan - Part 1
4 months ago  -  18 minutes long

We are ready to Jump into the Future. The definition of a plan is a scheme, program, or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective. A Woman of Influence makes up her mind to take calculated risks and does not fear her future. To do this you must: HAVE A PLAN where you must accept the challenge to move into your divine destiny, take uncomfortable risks to get there and focus on discipline to stay on task. However, the reward for the challenges, risks, and discipline is a clear, well-reasoned plan.

Skip Punishment - Part 2
5 months ago  -  19 minutes long

This is such a great chapter. Tammy goes over with you the five personalities of punishment. Which one are you? #1. The policeman, #2. The mother, #3 The priest, #4. The watchdog, #5.The silencer.

Skip Punishment - Part 1
5 months ago  -  19 minutes long

The definition of punishment is suffering, pain, or loss that serves as retribution; severe, rough, or disastrous treatment. A Woman of Influence stops finding fault with others and herself, forgives past wrongs, and is more patient in the present and future.

Skip Resentment - Part 2
5 months ago  -  22 minutes long

Tammy coaches you through 7 steps to letting go of resentment. #1. Admit resentment is a poison to your soul, #2. Uncover the seed of resentment, #3. Try to understand the other person's side, #4. Release the hurt you are feeling into the hands of God, #5. Let go of your need for revenge, #6. Forgive the person that offended you, #7. Practice grace.

Skip Resentment - Part 1
5 months ago  -  16 minutes long

The definition of resentment is a feeling of anger or displeasure about someone or something unfair. Listen how a Woman of Influence identifies the people she resents and the memories she's holding onto and learns to release the pain and control in order to let grace and
forgiveness in.

Skip Entitlement - Part 2
5 months ago  -  19 minutes long

In part 2 of Skip Entitlement, Tammy tells you how by do this in five simple steps. Then, Tammy walks you through some coaching tips and tools.

Skip Entitlement - Part 1
5 months ago  -  18 minutes long

What right do you have as a woman to do or to get something? Listen to hear how a woman of influence recognizes the areas in which she feels entitled, lets go of these areas, and chooses to serve others instead.

3 Skips and a Jump - Introduction
5 months ago  -  16 minutes long

What happens when we allow our excuses and emotions to cripple us from seeing our gifts and opportunities? Listen as Tammy shares how she was inspired by the concept of 3 Skips and a Jump. The skips may not be easy but the jump is big.

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