The Solid Rock Podcast
The Solid Rock podcast features Dr. Curt Davis, a well-known attorney, author and international evangelist. His message is that Jesus, the Solid Rock, is our only hope in the dangerous times in which we live. Jesus prophesied a time of accelerated trouble before He returned and, today, you and I are living out that prophecy. Taking his source material from the Bible and current events, Dr. Davis boldly portrays the nature of the ideological battle for world conquest and the present day satanic attack on our families, faith and freedoms as part of that battle. He believes that God's counteroffensive will be an invincible advance of the kingdom of God as His people return to the faith and to the supernatural works of Jesus' ministry.

Repentance (Ep. 1)

2 months ago  -  15 minutes long

Repentance means change. A change so deep only God can bring about this supernatural event. Listen as hosts Dr. Curt Davis teaches on the importance of the commandment of repentance through the teachings of Christ. Lift up your hands today to become renewed in Christ.

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