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Unlock secrets and treasures from the Bible with one-minute teachings from "The Book of Mysteries" by best-selling author Jonathan Cahn.

The Mystery of the Rains

15 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Seek the outpouring of His Spirit on your life to touch your dry ground and make it fruitful. Prepare and receive your latter rains.

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The Triunity of Love
1 day ago  -  1 minutes long

Partake of the triunity of love. As God has made you the object of His love, today, make those who don't deserve it become the object of yours.

The Sixth Day
6 days ago  -  1 minutes long

The life of man is given on the sixth day. Receive your life, your breath and your new creation in the sixth day of Messiah.

Infinity in a Jar
8 days ago  -  1 minutes long
The Day of the Resheet
13 days ago  -  1 minutes long

If the Resheet has overcome, so then can you. Today, in full confidence of the power given you on the Day of Resheet, overcome!

The Mystery of Gatshmanim
20 days ago  -  1 minutes long

Today, let every desire and ambition that is not of God be surrendered and crushed. And in their crushing, be filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit.

The Mystery of the Secret Angels
22 days ago  -  1 minutes long

In this mystery from the Book of Mysteries, Jonathan Cahn reveals the meaning of the Hebrew word "ruach," and the identity of God's secret angels.

The Mystery of the Zeroah
27 days ago  -  1 minutes long

By the Zeroah, God saved his people out of Egypt. By the Zeroah, salvation came to the world. Jonathan Cahn reveals the mystery of the Zeroah and what it means for you.

How Life Becomes a Breeze
29 days ago  -  1 minutes long

If you live your life against the Spirit, you are walking against the wind and everything you do becomes harder; you become worn down. Jonathan Cahn reveals the Mystery of the Ruach, which will show you how to walk with the wind at your back.

The Mystery of the Tamid
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

The Tamid lamb sacrifices and the crucifixion and death of Jesus have a lot in common. Jonathan Cahn explains why Messiah IS the Tamid.

The Answer to Everything You Need
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

The Hebrew word yasha means to deliver, to help, to preserve, to save. Jonathan Cahn explains just what that means for you as a believer.

The Days of One-Eternitieth
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

Whatever good you would do, do it now. Treat this day as if it comes around only once in an eternity—because it does.

The Mystery Harvests
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

Live today in the way of the kingdom. Before you see the blessing, rejoice and give thanks for it. Celebrate your mystery harvest.

The Khatan
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

Bring the most ungodly, dark and untouched part of your life to the Khatan. Let Him touch it, and every part of your life.

The Idumean Mystery
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

Have you lived trying to compensate for the lack of a blessing? Stop striving. Focus today on fully receiving your blessing from God.

The Wings of Messiah
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

The Son of Righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. Touch God today with the darkest, most painful, most ungodly part of your life—that you might find that healing.

Khataah: The Name on Your Sin
1 month ago  -  1 minutes long

Messiah is your Khataah—your sin and your savior. Take every sin, guilt, shame, failure and mistake in your life and put His name on each one. Then give to him that which is His.

The Tenth of Av Redemption
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Remember in the past how God has turned your sorrows into blessings? Know that for every Ninth of Av in your life, God will always give you a tenth.

The Rebegotten
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

As God took on your nature and life, so today take on His nature, live His life and walk in the footsteps of the heavenly.

The Haftorah Mystery
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Take a Word from Scripture you can walk in this day. See for the exact and appointed moments for the Word to come to fruition.

Mystery of the Semikhah
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

God has performed Semikhah and placed your sins upon Messiah. Live this day as one whose sins have been absolutely, for certain and for real, taken away forever.

The Bridegroom's Visitation
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Today, encounter the Bridegroom. But instead of trying to reach Him, let Him reach you, just where you are and just as you are.

The Mystery of the Triangles
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

The blood of the Lamb breaks every chain and bondage. Walk today in the power of the Lamb and break free.

In His Deaths
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Jesus died and rose again to put your old life in the past. Give that which is old a eulogy and a burial. Be finished with it and be free.

The Secret of Yoma
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Jesus' death and resurrection removed the chasm between the sinful and the most holy. Use the power of Messiah today to open the doors that are closed.

2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Rachamim doesn't mean mercy. Open your heart today to find out what rachamim means in accordance to God's plan for you. Listen now.

The Apostasia
2 months ago  -  1 minutes long

There is a great falling away in front of our eyes. Find out what this ministry means and how it connects to man and the departing.

The House of Bread
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Why was Jesus born in Bethlehem and what does it have to do with bread? Unlock this mystery by listening now.

The Double
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

There is a mystery to Barabbas the criminal and you. Listen to find out how you are connected to this mystery.

King of the Curse
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Give your thorns, sorrows and sadness to the Lord. Hear now why He is the King over the curse.

The Footstool World
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

You are living in a footstool world but where do you put the weight of your feet? Listen to find out more about this mystery.

3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Every day you will take another step toward your appointed destiny. Listen how as the mystery of Aliyah is revealed.

Kissing God
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

How do you kiss God? Listen to unravel this intimate mystery and how it includes worship.

The East-West Continuum
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Take time to ponder how far God has taken your sins away from you by listening to this mystery.

Appointing Your Days
3 months ago  -  1 minutes long

There is a way to prepare for the days a head of you. Listen as this secret is revealed.

The I Am of All I Ams
4 months ago  -  1 minutes long

Hear the surprising revelation of the sacred name of God.

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